Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Genius Maker 2010/2011 Off Season #1

I just wanted to get out my opinion on the Jeter situation as a few of you have asked. I think the Yankees offer is a very good one and Jeter should sign on the dotted line immediately. Maybe he wants another year and at that point I would say that if he plays in 300 games in the 1st 3 years of the contract he gets the 4th year guarantee. I think Jeter would hang it up if he were playing so terribly anyway. Jeter at 15 mil a year would be the highest paid SS in the game and at 36/37 coming off of his worst year that is an offer that is at least 50% higher than he would get anywhere else IMO. How is that not incredibly fair? The Yanks have said if you don’t think that is more than fair, see what is out there. Skip Bayless (I think he is on one of the ESPN shows) said the Red Sox would give him more than that. After thinking about that and throwing up, I would say that would be the best thing for the Yanks because I believe that would hamstring Boston a lot more than it would hamstring us. I don’t think he would get more than 35 Mil for 3 years and honestly I think it would be a 30 mil deal for 3 years at most. That being said, I do expect him to be better offensively this next year, while continuing to slip defensively. I know he won a GG, but either nobody has a clue how to really judge defense or there must be some awful defensive SS’s everywhere in baseball. My opinion is Jeter won the GG in the same way Palmiero won the GG a few years ago when he DH’d 75% of the games.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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