Friday, July 6, 2012

The Genius Maker 7-6-12

Pretty wild Yankee/Boston game as each team scored 5 in the 1st inning and the Yanks winning a 10-8 game.  My thoughts:
Some negatives:
The Yankees had some more sloppy play with two poor throws by Chavez, Jeter simply never moving his feet on a liner from Gonzalez that showed glacial range. 
With a 3-0 count on Swisher with 2nd and 3rd (1 out) and the infield back they gave Swish the green light and he hit a hard grounder that was in the air some of the time before it hit the ground…ARod then hesitated before going home and was thrown out.
Chavez also got thrown out trying to go to 2nd on a ball off the wall and he didn’t run hard the entire time.
Jeter misread a line drive and got doubled up
Kuroda didn’t have his sharp movement down as he has had and credit Boston for hitting some low and outside pitches.
I know Martin has been struggling with a back issue but he has been in a horrible and extended slump at the plate.  We should be happy he didn’t take our offer of what I believe was 3 years at 24 mil or so (I may be off on this number)

The Positives:
Tex with a big triple into the stupid part of this part of the park where it would have been a homer if it was hot 3 feet to the right and up to 8 feet shorter.
ARod had a hard liner then did a great job stealing 2 and then 3rd.
Cool stat showing how close these two teams are; since 2002 the Yanks are now 102-100 against the Sox.
Jeter made a big play on a ball in the hole getting a force out at 3rd with 1st and 2nd and 1 out
Arod was on base 4 out of 5 times.
I believe that Boston is our largest competitor in the AL East so it would be great to lay a knock-out punch to them , but 3 of 4 would be really good as well.
Roberston came in and shut down the 7th but with 2 outs allowed 2 guys to get on and didn’t have control.  Girardi made the right move going to Soriano who went 3-1 on Gonzo with 2 men on but had some sink on his fastball and got a grounder to tex.  Then Soriano was sharp in the 9th and did an excellent job

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