Friday, August 17, 2012

The Genius Maker 8-16

Wow, did I hate the way Girardi managed.  All the good feeling I had after last night’s game was wiped out on this one.  Outside of pulling Nova at the right time, I had a different view of almost every decision and thus I can’t write about every one of them, but I will try.

First, I didn’t like the ump all night long.  It was inconsistent for both teams and I felt we got a little more of the bad calls although the main guy arguing was Tex on a pitch I thought was a strike.  Their guy got tossed on a strike also.  Perhaps the ump was just so inconsistent the players got mad when they shouldn’t have?

Holland the lefty was pitching for Texas and he was shutting us down until we put up a 5 spot on him after being down 4-0 going into the bottom of the 6th.   I noticed that Holland was a different pitcher from the stretch; not as much movement or accuracy.  I don’t know if the numbers will show this, but he definitely is better from the windup than the stretch.

Yanks had a 5-4 lead going into the 7th.  My plan would be to mix and match in the 7th and then turn to Robertson and Soriano in the 8th and 9th.  We have so many pitchers and they are rested so why not?  Eppley was in from the inning before and I could understand leaving him in there, but with the lead I would have gone to Joba to pitch to Young (righty).  But, let’s say I leave Eppley in there because it is not a bad move and he singles… like he did.  Here I go to Logan or Rapada for Hamilton, Girardi went to Logan and he K’d Hamilton.  I then take out Logan and bring in Joba to face Beltre.  Girardi stayed with Logan who allowed a single to Beltre (this was the move I was most upset about).  This way I could use Rapada against Murphy.  After Logan then allowed the double, Girardi went to Joba.  If I had my way I would hope I was out of the inning by now, but unfortunately Joba let up 2 runs after striking out the righty Soto.  You can see why going lefty righty makes it more difficult to manage against but we had enough arms to do it.   

The Yanks closed the gap to 7-6 before Joba gave up two more runs.  Again the bad decisions early on left this position open because Robertson would have been pitching in the 8th.

The Yanks tried to mount another comeback.  Cano pinch hit and walked and Ichiro followed with a ball that blooped in for a double that they dove for and missed.  Cano could have easily scored, but our horrible 3rd base coach didn’t tell him what to do and just kind of gestured to cross the bag and see what happens?  It was another blunder by our 3rd base coach.  Have you ever seen a 3rd base coach make so many blunders?  Anyway, we would have only scored a run probably but you never know how things change.

Then Girardi let Rapada stay in for the 9th just letting him take one for the team with some righties up and they managed a run off of him, but then after “giving up” he pinch hit Granderson in the 9th?  Not sure why he gets his bench guys up, but…

It just seemed every move was different than I would have done and we lost.  One other move was in the 6th inning when the Yanks took the lead, Martin was on 1st and Nix was up.  I would have pinch hit for Nix with Cano and then let Cano play 2nd base as we were up by a run.  It was odd to not use Cano in that spot and then use him later down by 3.

The defense was terrible as Jones lost one in the sun for a “double”, Swisher played a ball into a triple, Ichiro stepped back on a ball only to see it drop in front of him and Ibanez showed off a kinder kids arm.  Shallow fly ball that he had momentum on and he took extra steps and still made a really weak throw.  I didn’t even think the guy would try and score and he made it fairly easily. 

I also should note that Washington gave us some chances by managing very odd with his bullpen and we took some advantage of it, but not enough.

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