Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Please read the post I made Monday below (9-30) about the playoff tie breakers.

The good part Monday was that the Yankees won and Baltimore lost.  Further, with Texas losing, the Yanks are in position to win the best record.  However, Oakland winning eliminated Tampa from the playoffs and they no longer have anything to play for.  We now control our own destiny and that is always good!

Boston played a AAA lineup, CC threw strikes and the results were very good…as should be expected.  His breaking ball had good downward movement and he threw a lot of changes in big spots.  Fastball was still not good, but he threw strikes with it. 

It was good to see the offense erupt with 9 runs and obviously that is enough to win most games.  However, I would have liked to see some more scoring in other innings (only 1 additional run).  Cano is locked in right now and that is exciting as our best hitter (player) needs to be very good for us to win.  Seeing Tex in the lineup makes a big difference and I was thrilled to see Gardner in the lineup and swinging the bat.  I would imagine they will be careful with him, but he will have a lot of time in the off season to take care of anything he needs to.   I love the defense he brings us and if he can get into a little groove should start IMO over Ibanez or Ichiro.  Right now Ichiro plays and Swisher DH’s if Gardner plays.  Ibanez is a PH as needed.  I get the feeling Gardner won’t show enough the next 2 games though and Ibanez will be the DH and Gardner used as a PH and defensive replacement.  Granderson is probably safe because of his HR, but it would be nice if he could get going a little…he is a wild card that could be big.

The other interesting side of this is Swisher over ARod at DH against a righty who is tough on righties.  Chavez has been swinging a good bat and it is not absurd to start Chavez and even Swish while sitting ARod.  We have some flexibility and that is a good thing.  The matchups (splits) and who is swinging well are very important.

Depending on who we are playing I will give you what I would do.  On that note, a questions was posed as to whether I start Nova again and my answer is no, I go with Phelps.  I think Nova has great stuff, but he can’t pitch as a starter right now as he is getting hammered.  I would not have an issue with him being moved to the pen, but he might not make the PS roster

This is a fun time of year…enjoy these playoff like games

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