Sunday, September 1, 2013

9-1-13 OUCH

Tough loss.  I am sure Girardi will get crucified and while he deserves some criticism, he had the right idea, he just wasn’t smart enough to do the right thing.  Pettitte started to struggle in the 6th as he seemed to have lost the feel for his cutter that was really moving great all game.  It was the most he has thrown inside in some time.  3-0 going into the 7th, I was thinking he should probably come out, but with a 3-0 lead, I understand leaving him in to start the inning as his pitch count was fine.  In fact, taking him out would have probably been a surprise to most?  However, if after 2 batters you would take him out, then you already realize he was showing signs of losing it…and that is your job as a manager; to put your team in the best position to win.  With two righties (Morse and Valencia) who platoon and hit righties poorly but lefties well, this was the time to make a move.   My inning would have been Kelley to face the two righties (keep in mind Kelley has been struggling a little of late as his slider has not been as sharp but he is good against righties and if nothing else you force the Orioles to go to their bench and then you still have 3 lefties (with the rookie lefty called up).  That is what I would have done so at least my pitchers were matched up well.  Girardi hooked Pettitte 2 batters too late, but even one batter earlier could have changed the complexion.  As it turned out Girardi made the curious move of bringing in Kelley to face the switch hitting Weiters (who does hit lefties better).    My main concern was with a 3 run lead and two guys on; I would have felt better with a righty up.  That being said, it turned out to be the righty hardy who barely got the ball out bouncing off of I believe the heal of the glove from Granderson who almost made a great play. 

I can’t kill Girardi for that, but I would have made the move earlier and at the start of the inning.  Because the bullpen did so poorly it might not have mattered.  But, at this point when playing Baltimore or TB you have to find a way to win these games and if Rivera and Robertson have to go 1.2 and 1.1 innings then you do it.  I thought at the time bring in Kelley for the two righties and see what is going on and if needed Robertson pitches to Weiters, hopefully with at least one out...but if there are two outs I let Kelley go if he is looking good. 

The bottom line to me is that with 9 outs to go and you know Mo can go 1.1, 1.2 if needed (shoot he may only have 27 games left in his career) and Robertson surely can go 1.1 and 1.2, you simply can't lose a 3-0 lead and have neither in the game!


BTW, Vernon Wells is hitting lefties well this year, but he infuriates me…I can’t believe we took on his 13 mil for 2 years.  I said I didn’t like it (and took heat when he was doing well) and when I found out it didn’t hit the cap for 2014 I felt it was a little better as we were desperate, but man, another veteran we are WAY overpaying.  At least Girardi only plays him against lefties now.

Also, Jeter looks awful at the plate.  They have to seriously look to lower him in the lineup as he is killing us.  He is hitting .167 with an OBP of .234 and a slug of .262…you can’t keep him at the top of the order!  He looks really bad.  We don’t have time for him to work through it…lower him now as his OPS is .576!

The offense should have scored a lot more against a pitcher who no control…very poor job!

Cano played poorly as well and he jogged down to first again on a ball that was bobbled…I doubt he would have been safe but who knows?  0-5 for Cano and he took strike 3 twice.

ARod had a lot of life today.  I loved the play where he turned two and Reynolds made an excellent backhanded scoop.  Reynolds made a nice play yesterday as well and has played well in the field.

Need to keep playing at least win 2 of 3 ball.  This one hurt, but you must bounce back!

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