Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Genius Maker 7-12-14

I am am finally in my new home and getting settled in so the last few days I have watched a little more of the Yankees.  Outside of being too busy to watch and post in depth, this Yankee team isn't all that exciting and the moves the Yankees have made have not been very good.  That being said, I felt that today's game was an important one if the Yankees have any hope.  They really need to win the division games.  Of course, even if we can somehow win the division, the A's, Detroit and Angels are far more talented.  This is not a reason to stop trying, but it is a reason to not mortgage ANY future for present deals.

As for today's game.  I was annoyed when Jeter got thrown out early in the game when he was on 1st and 2 outs and Tex doubled.  Jeter running to 2nd turned and watched to see if the ball was fair and ended up just barely getting thrown out at home to end the inning.  He also fixed his helmet while running which might have slowed him a tiny bit as well.  But, why isn't he just off with 2 strikes, why stop and watch the ball?  That is very poor on his part.

Ichiro came up with 1st and 2nd and nobody out; if the game is close he should be bunting almost every time in that spot; not sure why he isn't?

As stated numerous times our infield defense is atrocious; Jeter didn't make a play last night that cost us that game and today Johnson made a terrible play that didn't cost us.  tex isn't even playing as well as normal at first base.

It is pretty clear that since year 1 of Girardi's hiring of our terrible 3rd base coach I have been all over him, but today we had two guys thrown out at home (I had no issue sending Jeter, but sending Ellsbury was absurd) and we lead the league with 16 guys thrown out at home this year...16!  Robby Thompson is a terrible 3rd base coach and Girardi should be fired for keeping him all these years; seriously.

I would also can our conditioning coach...whatever we are doing isn't working; crazy how many injuries again , especially with the pitching staff.  Not sure who is to blame, but the fact that it has been going one for a few years is enough of a trend for me.

On a positive note, Green looked great today and has been good in his 3 major league starts.  he didn't start the year well, but he has good command of a curve and a very good slider against righties and a fastball that he can turn over to sink at 92-94 and he can throw a 4 seamer when he wants to throw a little harder.  very impressive; hopefully he can stay sharp.

I won't be able to write as often but I will pop in from time to time.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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