Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monday Night's Game

A battle between Pineda and King Felix turned into the Mark Teixeira show.  Tex set the stage for the game with an outstanding diving play down the line to save a double on the first batter of the game.  Tex later hit a Grand Slam helping Pineda beat Hernandez.  Pineda pitched very well before losing it in the 7th inning.  Wilson came in and threw 96/97 every pitch and got out of the jam.  For some reason Betances came into the game in the 8th with a 7-2 lead and even in the 9th after one batter got on Miller got up?  Girardi seemed to panic for some reason?

I also want to comment on a phenomenal play Didi Gregorius made at SS going to his left and snagging a ball on a full out dive which he then got up fast and threw on the fly a decent throw to Tex, who didn't stride toward the the throw and it went off his glove.  They gave the error to Didi which is absurd as Tex just missed it.  Even Flaherty made a comment that Tex should catch that in his sleep.  Outside of Tex just missing it, a large contributing factor to him missing it was because he didn't stretch toward the throw (the same issue I have been writing about).  I really don't get why his footwork is so poor over there as everything is else is really good.  BTW, one of the things Tex does great is how well he throws for a first basemen...obviously, he doesn't have to do that much.

Nice win.

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