Friday, July 22, 2011

The Genius Maker #61

Disappointed that our offense can't get 3 runs to win a game even with ARod and Granderson not starting. I was happy that Gardner was leading off against a righty, but it would have been nice if Granderson was batting 2nd. I know Girardi wanted to rest Granderson, but if that were true then why get him 2 AB's later in the game? Yeah, I know it was close and he was trying to win, but you could get a lead also and then rest him as well. The main issue was Tex and Swisher going a combined 0-8. When your lineup is a little light you need those guys to produce.

Shields threw a good game mixing up speeds and had good movement, but still this one was on the offense. CC hung a breaking ball to Longoria that didn't have any downward bite and that set the catchup tone all game. CC did his job though only allowing 2 runs in 8 innings, but a 2-1 loss is no different than a 5-1 loss to me. We are now 2 games back and TB still has life.

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