Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Genius Maker #63

What happens when you get a top end pitcher who is pitching well facing a team that is struggling? You get a perfect game through 6 innings and a game where your starting pitcher breaks his own record for strikeouts in a game. CC’s buzz saw continued last night as he retired the first 19 batters of the game striking out 14 batters. After a rain delay CC struck out Suzuki (who BTW, has been awful this year) before throwing 2 balls to start the next AB against Brendan Ryan. He then hit the outside corner, but Ryan hit it off the end of the bat for a clean soft liner into LF for the only hit of the night for Seattle. CC got out of the inning before another short rain delay. In the 8th he walked the bases loaded before recording an out. Girardi made the correct move at that point taking CC out. CC did not have good use of changeup, but he was painting the extended corners with his fastball and his breaking ball was sharp with the downward movement that is important to him.

Girardi brought in Robertson who had a crazy streak of his own, he had struck out the last 9 batters he faced with the bases loaded. Robertson extended his streak to 10 getting Adam Kennedy to swing at ball 5. I say this because Robertson got the benefit of a strike call on a 3-1 pitch that was outside. The ump did have a big strike zone which helped the pitchers (for example Cano took strike 3 on a pitch that was clearly outside) a lot. Robertson then got a FC allowing a run to score before striking out the next batter to end the threat and keep the lead at 3-1. The game was still in doubt at this point so that strike call on Kennedy was huge…of course him waving at a pitch very low was huge also.

The Genius Maker finished up striking out 2 so overall Seattle managed 1 hit while striking out 18 times – this tied a club record in a 9 inning game that was held by Ron Guidry.

Hughes better keep these guys in check, or we should take him out of the rotation.

The Yankees got a big boost with Chavez coming off the very long DL stint. With ARod out the drop off now is a little less as Chavez can still field very well (and you could see it right away) and was 1-3 with a RBI at the plate. For the year his OPS is .822 and I would sign up in a second.

Boston won so we are still 2 out!

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