Monday, August 8, 2011

The Genius Maker #68

When you saw Hughes coming out to start the 10th was there anyone who didn’t say, “Well we lost this one?”

OK, maybe that is a little harsh and Hughes can become a good pitcher, but I felt that this was a problem from the get go and it was just an excuse to get him out of the rotation. However, it was the wrong move from a winning the game standpoint and an even more wrong move from his growth standpoint. Why screw around with him again? Let him go down to the minors and start and work on it (if you are still going to stay with Burnett) and then if we get an injury, bring him up. But don’t screw around with him in the bullpen again. I thought it was a terrible move and another “gut” decision move that has really worked out poorly for Girardi all year.

As for the game, Beckett was throwing very well and we were not able to hit the mistakes. He worked in 5 pitches, had movement, good location while changing speeds. This offense should still be able to do get more than 2 runs across the board and the blame of the game goes to them (and some the Genius Maker/Martin). 0-10 with RISP.

The last one is the discussion point. There were 2 pitches that cost us this game. Soriano and Robertson did their jobs getting the ball to Rivera, with the slimmest of margins. Scutaro fell behind 1-2 and the pitch to throw was the cutter away (a little farther than the called one for strike 2). Unfortunately Rivera tried it and bounced for a pitch that was a true waste. Because it was so bad, I would have tried to nail the outside corner again, but Martin called for the inside pitch (my call if the last pitch was executed correctly would have been the 4 seamer inside or running it in the way I like Cervelli calls for it). However, they threw the cutter inside and Scutaro hit a 320 foot popup that went off the green monster (not sure the exact distance). It was a cheap Fenway double, but one that set them up to scratch for the tying the run and a blown save for the Rivera.

The game was littered with many cheap hits by the Red Sox and one time Jeter just not charging a ball on his side of the bag that Cano ranged so much farther than Jeter did but still could not make the play. If you watched that play in slow motion, you can get a feel for the lack of range by Jeter and also why he fields balls so deep rather than cutting them off a few steps closer to first base. He did make a good play on a ripped shot to hit backhand, but he backed up so much that it took him into deep SS and they couldn’t turn two. That was still a good play, but could have been great if he cut it off more as he could have.

Other notes:
This was another playoff type game, but not nearly as well played as the first game. I think the Red Sox series showed why we need another lefty in the pen.

Cano left a lot of guys on base yesterday; the two teams left a total of 22 on base compared to a total of 10 in the first game

Martin thrown out taking an extra base hurt a lot. But, he made a fantastic throw to get Pedroia thrown out.

Swisher hit a 410 foot shot to RC for an out. LC is 380 to the wall. This park is such a stupid park. It can help sometimes, but it just doesn’t reward good play.

Posada not playing could be the end for him. Montero could be a call up very soon. the question is how do we handle Posada? What if you let him decide his fate? Do you want us to cut you or do you want to retire? If you want to retire, how about we let you catch one last game at home as your final game no matter what you do?

Bottom line was the Yankees were 0-10 with RISP today.

We didn’t get done our goal of this series, but we can do better and it was a fun series.

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