Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Genius Maker #73

This game gave me some anxiety. I was very upset with the pitch selection for Nova. I have no idea why Martin kept calling for sliders when Nova kept hanging it time and time again with 2 strikes on the batter. You would have thought he would have learned after allowing the 5th hit on it that he would have tried the curve? Nope he threw it again and again. The announcers were so psyched about his slider, but you still have to see how the game is going and the Yankees didn’t adjust.

I also want to comment how Girardi has been very late (too late) in pulling his starters. He always (recently) takes them out after the damage is done. With Burnett he was late (the other night) and again last night after Nova settled down he allowed a runner on in the 6th and then after walking the next guy he had to come out of the game, but Girardi waited until he allowed a base clearing double. Joe, a monkey could do better!

Nova did not pitch well, but the umps incredibly small strike zone forced both pitchers to throw some hittable pitches. This was the smallest strike zone I have seen all year so it is not surprising the score was high.

Fortunately the Yanks offense was up to the challenge and one AB was simply fantastic…by Cano. The Yanks were losing 5-3 entering the top of the 4th and had rallied to make it 5-5. Cano was up with 1st and 2nd and had a 3-1 count and then fouled a pitch off to make it 3-2. He then fouled off 6 consecutive pitches before crushing a curve to deep RC for a 3 run homer. It was a tremendous 12 pitch AB!

Moving to the 6th when Girardi was sleeping, he did bring in Logan (after the game had closed to 8-7) and Boone did a great job again leaving the runner on 2nd by getting a k and a groundout. Logan then led off the 7th by getting Gordon out, followed by 2 straight outs by Soriano, 3 straight outs by Robertson and then 3 straight outs by the Genius Maker! It was great to see the bullpen pitch 3.2 perfect innings with 5 k’s.

Boston split so the world is back in order!

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