Friday, October 7, 2011


Just got back from the game and I am very disappointed in the offense. I felt that we had some very hittable pitches this series that we just didn’t get after. It is one thing when Verlander is throwing 101 and then dropping a good curve in there, but many 3-2 pitches that were very hittable.

Falling behind 2-0 set us back, but I would have bet a lot we would have scored more than 2 runs.

We ran into some tough breaks with Tex and Jeter hitting balls to the fence, but we didn’t get any big hits with the bases loaded and one out.

We left 11 men on base. We had 9 hits and 3 walks and scored only one run (the 10th hit was the HR).

Overall, I thought Girardi handled the pitching pretty well, but I would have let Hughes pitch a little more and was surprised he went to CC in the spot he did as it seemed like we should either let Hughes pitch or let Logan go another batter or so or bring in Wade against the righties. CC should have been used only if needed, not as just another guy. Not a terrible idea but CC didn’t look good again and he allowed the game winning run and didn’t do the job.

Using Soriano was good, but going to Rivera in the 8th would have probably been the smart move as Rivera would pitch the 8th and 9th and if we took the lead in the 8th he would close it out for the win. When Robertson came in, he definitely should have pitched the 9th also, but Girardi went to Rivera (which was very dumb). What if the Yanks tied it, you would want another inning out of Robertson…poor job there.

The big issue I had with Girardi was his lack of using Montero. In the 4th inning Martin was up with the bases loaded and 1 out and we are down by 2. I could see not pinch hitting there because it was so early, but in the 8th inning with 1 out, you MUST pinch hit Montero for Martin; this is a no brainer. As it turned out Martin got out and then Gardner got on. I will say the same thing I said previously, you have to use your best pinch hitter when you are in a tight game; you must shoot that bullet. Girardi failed to do it on all 3 losses.

I know Gardner didn’t go in Jeter’s previous AB, but he went on the first pitch with Benoit on the mound and Jeter needed to let him steal in that spot. Jeter did get that double but he struggled in the series with a .572 OPS.

ARod was terrible and while Tex had a good game today, he and Swisher were poor also. Martin had some walks, but only hit .176.

Jorge, Gardner, Granderson and Cano did well, but it was tough to overcome the very poor series from so many.

We outscored Detroit in the series 28-17!

The Genius Maker pitched to 4 batters and got all 4 out throwing 8 pitches that were all strikes!

I will make some updates and some more thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I agree. I think Girardi managed this game and this series too much like a regular season game. ISTM that you have to get your best players into these games as much as possible. Maybe that means pinch-hitting Montero for Martin early in Game 5 when the bases are loaded and the Yanks down by 2. Maybe it means letting Mo and Roberson each pitch 2 innings at the start of Game 5.

    I don't know what the best way was to get these guys into the games. However, it's galling that in 5 games, Montero had only 2 ABs and Mo and Robertson between them pitched only 3 1/3 innings.