Saturday, September 22, 2012


I have had items to write over all the past games, but will try and briefly go through some thoughts.

Phelps has done a nice job; he will be in the pen, but I feel good with him coming in and his future as a solid #3 guy seems bright.

Toronto lineup toothless without Batista

We got thrown out at home with less than 2 outs in the Toronto series, but I was mad our awful 3rd base coach, I was mad because we got thrown because we did that slide I hate.  Nix’s legs were fully across the plate, but his hand had not touched the plate and was tagged out.  GO IN STRAIGHT AND HARD ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE PLATE WHEN THEY GIVE IT TO YOU AND YOU BEAT THE THROW.  He would have easily been safe…the Yanks must teach that and they are wrong to do so.

Obviously, Ichiro has been torrid, but he needs to be careful stealing 3rd; he was out on one of them.  It would be great if he could give us an OPS of .750.  Also, even though he is hot, does he really need to swing at a 3-0 pitch that was a ball?

Gardner – I want him on the roster for defense and base running and I would bunt him and probably let him swing if needed. 

Dickerson should be playing every minute over Ibanez and should have been all year so that we at least see if there is upside.  I was adamant about it during the signing of Ibanez and Dickerson did real well in the minors and has done well in his minimal AB’s in the bigs. 

Soriano has done a great job, even if he blew the save Friday; not sure how he has done it as his stuff isn’t great, but I would love him to great for us and then opt out of his deal as I don’t want to pay him 13 mil

McGehee and Pearce have been putrid for us

Nunez had another play today where he waited slightly for the ball to get to him and the guy beat the throw.  he has bad mechanics and feel for defense, but if he can use his athleticism and decent stick, he could be good.  (a lot of fluff in that comment by let me say that I don't think he will ever be a solid defensive SS)

Both Martin and Stewart have made excellent throws in the past few games; they both throw great.  Nice walk off by Martin as well, who has been swinging well!

Cano better get his head straightened out as he is not swinging well. 

Hughes was awful on Thursday.  I am not sure if I have ever seen a pitcher miss his spots by as much as he did and as consistently.   

One game up on Baltimore and 2 back from Texas for best record and then getting to play the WC winner (which I would very much like to do)

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