Friday, September 14, 2012

The Genius Maker 9-13

The post below this was added yesterday so please read it as this only is small piece on last nights game.  I thought both offenses did not swing the bats well, but credit Hughes for only walking one batter and hitting spots pretty well.  His stuff wasn’t his best, but he did work in the change a lot more and threw 72% strikes.  Shockingly Hughes ERA is 3.96!  It is hard to trust him, but he threw 7.1 shutout innings and we needed him.  Logan Robertson and Soriano cleaned up the final 5 outs for the shutout.  ARod had 2 hits and a SB, but I am worried about his defense.  He had two balls that he basically fell over and didn’t make the play on.  That is very concerning as his range is gone.  I guess it is not unexpected, but it is a problem for us.  Nunez did a good job all around and he didn’t hurt us defensively.  I am glad the Yankees did what I said I would do (the next day) and have kept him only at SS.  I hope he can become at least average with the glove because he appears to have some offensive game and he is fast.  O’s kept beating up on TB unfortunately…Hopefully TB will continue to lose against us.

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