Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It was interesting watching the Yankees AAA team play against Cleveland in the 2nd game last night two nights ago, but they came through.  It is also nice to see exactly what we do have in terms of minor league talent, something the Yankees have been avoiding for too long.  Of course, the Yankee brass didn’t have much choice with all the injuries yet they still have chosen top bring in two infielders (who are not very good) rather than give some of our other minor leaguers some action.  Either way, we are getting to see some of them because of the injuries.

Tuesday night:  King Felix and his sub 2 ERA against CC.  Both guys have dropped some velocity but CC is about 2-3 down from a few years ago and that is significant.  Seattle’s offense is not strong and he was able to keep the damage down.  Granderson looked really bad in his AB’s…very different swing. 

After being down 3-0 to King Felix Cano hung in there and took a curve ball out to close the gap to a one run game.  It really shows how good he is as he looked uncomfortable (just like many others against Felix) and then pulls us right back in the game.  Later on Overbay did his job getting the sac fly getting us the go ahead run and turning a one run lead over to Robertson and Rivera.  Robertson did a poor job of walking the first guy on 4 pitches (how does that happen?).  Then it got worse when Romine made a poor decision on a bunt that was just in front of the plate, but Romine should have seen the jump and known the speed of the runner and not tried to get him at 2nd.  Now we have 1st and 2nd nobody out.  Fortunately, the same runner who was going on first move to 2nd on the bunt also made the mistake of going on the line drive to Nix and that that one false step was enough for Nix to double him off on the line drive and that saved the inning.

The Genius Maker looked great breaking two bats and was aided by the final strike of the game…that was clearly a ball.  Either way, he looked good again and saved another 1 run game.

Wednesday night saw Hughes just pitch horribly and not get out of the first inning and the game was over (7-0) before the Yanks stepped to the plate.  Hughes just has far too many of those types of situations.  This is why I just have never been a fan. 

Ichiro, who has not been doing well and actually made one of his throws where he took 5 steps before releasing the ball, did hit the ball hard a bunch of times with nothing to show for it. 

It is amazing that our record is what it is…we have been lucky in all these one run games

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