Sunday, May 12, 2013

Game 35-36

Happy Mother's Day!

I still don’t understand why Stewart keeps his hand out in the open in the same way Cervelli got injured?  Can anyone explain why nobody has said anything?

Saturday’s game:

Pettitte raised his arm slot a little and he had better movement on his pitches.  It seemed he was getting lazy with his arm and throwing a little more side arm.  He pitched well and looked better not walking anyone (the umps walked a guy with only 3 balls (I find it impossible that the Yankees didn’t say anything).

Wells came through with a big 2 run HR with a 3-1 fastball that was grooved.

Robertson looked great striking out all 3 batters and having his cutter look a little like Rivera’s.  He also has the good hook.  If he can keep his control he can be dominant.

Rivera had good movement on his ball but KC had good AB’s dropping a double down the RF going with an outside pitch and just missing tying the game on line drive pulled down the RF line.  The same batter then hit one in the gap that Wells ran down nicely.

14-14 is amazing for the Genius Maker.  He is leading the league in saves (tied with 2 others).

Sunday’s Game:

Wells had another good at the plate and Cano hooked another curve ball for HR supplying the offense and Kuroda went 7.2 innings and probably would have finished off the 8th if not for a missed strike call that he uncharacteristically made it clear right after the pitch he was not happy and continued as he was pulled for Robertson.  The Genius Maker   allowed a groundball single and then immediately got a DP before a weak fly out ended the game.  15-15!

Yanks have a double header against Cleveland tomorrow so the fact Rivera only threw 9 pitches means he could be used.  Robertson only threw 2 pitches, so he is OK as well…even if 2 pitches aren’t much different than 9 pitches.

BTW, I don’t see the Joba and Rivera exchange of words to be anything important.

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