Sunday, August 4, 2013


Confession – After Nix knocked in Granderson to make it 3-0 with 2 outs in the 9th, I didn’t want the Yankees to score again.  I know I am not usually like that, but I wanted Rivera to get a save.

Nova’s curve was outstanding and he continues to be our 2nd most reliable pitcher (behind Kuroda).  Nova is taking a little off the fastball (93) to get some sink and run on it and then can dial it up to 95-96 when he wants some more speed.  His ERA is now a very impressive 3.08.  Last year, I was upset when they sent him down because I always felt his stuff was better than Hughes and I think the Yanks treated Nova with less respect than Hughes.  Regardless, he is pitching very well right now

We got a few calls today, didn’t even out yesterday, but the umps have been bad. 

Having Granderson back was big because of the speed element and the HR power.  The other part I really like is how good our defense can be now in the OF.  Soriano is pretty good out there and Ichiro is another solid defender and Grandy and Gardner are both very good (Gardner may be elite).   Last year I wanted Gardner in CF over Grandy and the injury actually worked in our favor because it forced Girardi to see it that way.  I am not sure he would have made the switch prior.  Maybe the injury to Jeter will force the correct move with him as well.  Nunez is not good, but he did charge a ball last night that Jeter would not have been able to get.  Regardless, it is time to move Jeter to 3rd anyway.

A quick note on ARod and I have no idea what will really happen (seems like he is at least gone for this year).  ARod would help our team, anyone who says otherwise is foolish, however, getting rid of his 25 million dollar salary would help the team a lot more so anything that gets that freed up I am all for.

The Genius Maker has 35 saves and is on a pace for 52 saves.  His career most is 53 and he also got to 50 one other time before.  I am hopeful he could get the most saves of his career in his final year.  That is asking a lot, but of course, I could be asking him to be throwing the final pitch of the baseball year…either would be amazing!

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