Saturday, April 28, 2018

Anaheim Game 1

A few comments on the Friday night game in Anaheim as many people might not have watched this close game.

1.       Sanchez might have been crossed up but if he was it was because he started to give signs before Severino was looking…Regardless, he missed a low fastball that allowed two runners to move up and then Severino allowed a bench-clearing hit.  A play like that from a catcher can make it hard on a pitcher.  IN a close game to fall behind 3-2 because of that at the end of 7 innings is rough.

2.       After not scoring in the 8th when it looked like Stanton was going to hit a 2 run HR that was caught at the wall was a little disheartening…especially when Walker hit 2 balls right to the wall with men on base as well.  The 2nd one set off a very odd play.  It was 2nd and 3rd with 1 out and Walker hit one very deep where the OF jumped up and caught the ball, both Didi (on 3rd) and Stanton on 2nd tagged up and advanced; the throw eventually went to 2nd base where the called Stanton out for not tagging up; but they ruled that Didi scored before the out was made at 2nd, therefore, the run counted (to give us a 2-1 lead).  The replays showed that Stanton did tag up, but that Didi might not have scored first if Stanton hadn’t tagged up.  The fielder may not have been on the base as he shuffled his feet and stepped on the bag after Didi had scored.  Regardless, I have no idea why Boone didn’t review the tag up as it was clear Stanton had tagged up???  I am assuming that you can review a tag up play like that and the announcers were wondering why Anaheim didn’t review the play and I think it is because it would be found Stanton was safe on 3rd tagging up and they figured take the out and give up the run rather than give up the run and the inning is still going.  What was Boone thinking?

3.       It set up for an exciting 9th inning as the Yankees loaded up the bases with one out and the Boone pinch hit Gardner for Torreyes (I was good with this move).  Gardner hit a shallow sac fly to tie the game and setup Didi hitting another HR in the 10th inning. 

4.       In the bottom of the 10th Chapman got the first 2 outs and the 3rd batter waived at a fastball inside as he was sitting on the fastball.  I said to my daughter that he should throw a curve ball; instead, he threw another fastball down and in (easiest pitch to get the barrel on) and he doubled down the line.  Fortunately, Chapman threw well and got the next guy to pop up and get our 7th win in a row.  Nice work team!

5.       BTW, I was sure that Stanton’s hit was a HR and was surprised it didn’t go over the wall…the replay showed he got it off the end of the bat but I thought it was gone.

6.       Anaheim’s RF’r made two great catches in the game; one was an all-out dive and the other was the leaping catch on Walker.

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