Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 22

Bullet points from a big win as I said before; Toronto will be one of the teams we are fighting against for the WC (if we don’t win the division)

1.       Severino amazes me that he can throw so hard after 100 pitches.  He is also working on his change and slider more and that is a good thing.  If he doesn’t want to throw a curve I would like him to throw a harder slider and a softer one just to have more of a change of speed, but the 3 pitches are still very effective even when his control was not very good.  He didn’t locate well and it had nothing to do with an umpire who was not very consistent. 

2.       I don’t like the strike zone box; I find it distracting when the bat hits the ball.  They should use it after live action for a replay, but get it off my screen during live action.  It also doesn’t take into account the size of the hitter form what I see.

3.       Stanton has not been hitting but his defense is better than advertised so far (when he has played).  He made a really nice catch saving a double and hitting the wall.

4.       I like that Boone used Robertson and Chapman in a 4 run game even though it wasn’t a save.  1) It is important to beat Toronto and 2) They needed the work.

5.       Last game I talked about O’Neill and some of the mistakes he makes; outside of a call here or there, he analyzed how Sanchez was pulling off the ball and why he didn’t hit the outside pitch.  They then showed an overhead view where he was stepping toward 3rd and the pitch he took for strike 3.  As O’Neill was talking about how you can’t hit that way, Sanchez got a slider slightly more outside than middle of the plate and ripped it to left field for a double.  O’Neill then went on to talk about the great adjustment only one AB later.  However, I went back as they looked similar to me…and it was similar.  The reason why it was successful was that the pitch was over the middle of the plate and the other one was outside and Sanchez didn’t even swing at it.  O’Neill tried to prove his point rather than search for the truth.

6.       Welcome to the team Gleyber Torres!  Not a great start making 5 outs in 4 AB’s and leaving 7 guys on base (the rest of the team combined left 6).  That being said, you have to love the youth movement; the Yankees started a team with everyone under 30 years old!

7.       Boston lost to Oakland!

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