Sunday, July 1, 2018


I knew this was a bad matchup, but didn't expect a no-show from our team.  Gray continues his awful year and took us out of the game early.  The game starts with 2 outs and then after a single Gray walks Moreland (the walks have been terrible by Gray), then a hard hit single that Judge's arm helps give Gray a chance to get out of the inning without a run.  Bases loaded and a 1-2 count and 2 outs, he only has to stick the curve low or in the dirt and instead hangs it inside for a grand slam and the game was over in the 1st.

There isn't much to say, but Sale showed why he is a top pitcher and our offense (which hasn't been clicking on all cylinders) was shut down.

I was curious about the decision Boone would make regarding Drury playing and if he would play for Gardner, Bird or even Didi.  I expected Didi to play, but he could have given Gardner the night off after Bird's 2 dingers, but he sat Bird.  It was not a bad decision as you could make an argument either way, but I did think it made sense to try and get Drury into a game.  The negative with Drury as a bench/sub player instead of a starter is that he isn't much better against lefties.  That is better for a starter, but as a bench player, it is better to be great at one thing.  Drury, may be better to give Torres and Andujar rest against righties once in awhile and then play first against some tough lefties (or a righty who is better against lefties) to get him some playing time.

With the injuries to the starting pitching, one can see a trade for a starter brewing.  I hope we go after a stud and not just a decent starter.  While it will cost a lot more, it is much better for the future.  It is a shame Gray would be selling at such a low value because he has been a solid pitcher for his career (he is 28), but if you could find someone who values him (some) and then package him players such as Drury, Frazier, German, Torreyes and/or one of the relievers, perhaps you could grab a Thor/DeGrom?  I would rather the younger Thor, but we could make a deal.  Regardless, we have a lot of young talented players where we could make a move.  While we are at it, we should grab a lefty that can get lefties out (LOOGY).

The rubber game is tonight at 8 and the pitching matchup is in our favor this time (even if the Sox have hit Severino).  Let's take the series!

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