Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Genius Maker #132

I thought this article/comment was interesting...

Epstein acknowledged that the Red Sox were close to acquiring reliever Kerry Wood at the deadline, but ultimately got outbid by the Yankees.

"That was an important decision," Epstein said. "We scouted [Wood] on rehab, we liked what we saw. He was available last minute at the deadline ... and we put in what I thought was a pretty aggressive financial bid for him and we were outbid by the Yankees when they were willing to take on just a little bit more of his salary. It ended up being a great move for them and cost us."

Wood has been excellent for us this year. Here are his numbers:

25 IP 14 Hits 1 run 15 walks and 29 k's.

Only allowing 14 hits in 25 innings is fantastic. Only 1 run is also fantastic and also a tribute to the relievers after him. The 29k's are really good also. The one thing that scares me are the 15 walks in 25 innings; that is a very bad number. I hope he can come through in the playoffs, because if he doesn't, we better hope that we had a large enough cushion to absorb it.

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