Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Genius Maker #133

Game 1, outside of the Yankees leaving a lot of guys on base, the decision that stood out to me as bad was Girardi's decision to bunt before stealing Gardner in the 10th inning. The Boston catcher, has NO arm and I don't think it is possible for him to throw out Gardner, especially with Papelbon on the mound. The move is even worse when you consider that the Yanks are on the road and one run may not be enough (even though you have The Genius Maker). You steal Gardner and then bunt him over if you still want to. Of course, it worked out as Jeter had a check swing that luckily found its way past the pitcher and then was misplayed by Hall.
Then The Genius Maker looked really sharp with very good movement...this was great to see.

The 2nd game was about leaving too many guys on base and starting Kearns in RF instead of Swisher. Kearns has just been awful, simply awful. Replay: Kearns bases loaded 1st inning, 2 outs Matzuzaka on the ropes and he K's; 3rd inning, bases loaded and nobody out, Kearns strikes out, 5th inning, Cano on 1st with one out, Kearns strikes out swinging at ball 4, 7th inning, 1st and 2nd 1 out and kearns pops out. I would much rather Golson play than Kearns (if Swisher isn't playing). At least you know you are getting good defense. Can Kearns all of a sudden, get a big hit, sure, but so could Golson. With all the crazy stuff that happened, you could really say if Swisher were in the lineup the Yanks would have won...probably the same with Golson as he wouldn't have struck out with the bases loaded

Not sure why Cervelli simply can't throw anyone out anymore; his throws have been awful for 2 months...and dropping the pop up was embarrassing

Kearns has an OPS of .690 for the Yanks and has been dreadful of late.

Girardi should never use Ring against a righty unless you have a 5 run lead and 3 lefties follow. Ring came in and got Drew out to end the 7th inning; why let Ring start the 8th against a pinch hitter righty? You go to Nova right there. That being said, knowing the bullpen was shallow of stars, why not let Mitre face Drew with 2 outs and nobody on in the 7th and hold Ring for Kalish...if needed? Mitre looked good getting 2 outs so why take him out with a 2 run lead??? This was a huge mistake by Girardi!!! Girardi has really had his head up his ass (BTW, I wrote rear at first and the realized, that this is my blog and his head has been up his ass so that is what should be written).

Now we need to win and TB lose to get home field advantage...Man, you think Girardi would like to have some of the games he gave away?

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