Thursday, October 7, 2010

Post Game 1 ALDS

Down 3-0 after 5 innings I was getting a little concerned and started to think about why Girardi didn't allow CC to pitch Friday like he wanted. CC really struggled with his command walking 3 guys and hitting Thome in 6 innings pitched. he also allowed 4 run so that was not a good performance and while CC didn't get it done, you wonder why he didn't listen to CC?

It was up to the offense who left guys on early in the game to come through and the best in baseball didn't disappoint. Tex started things off with a double, ARod walked and Cano plated tex with a single. After Thames struck out, Posada had a big single to score ARod and then Granderson hit a towering fly ball off the upper wall scoring two and ending up at 3rd base with a huge hit. Gardner was not able to get Granderson home.

Unfortunately CC was not able to hold the lead as he allowed one hit and walked 3 guys...he was clearly off his game, but he dug down deep enough to strike out hardy with the bases loaded and only allow the tying run.

After Swish singled Tex was able to keep an inside hanging curve ball fair on another towering fly ball. I thought it was foul live, but was psyched it stayed fair. The 2 run lead was all we needed as Logan, Robertson and Wood all did OK and none of them did poorly and we worked our way out of jams, but did need the Genius Maker to do his thing in the 8th with 2 men on and then closing out the 9th!

Great to see Rivera break 3 bats in the what a pleasure he is.

Every starting Yankee got on base via a hit or walk so it was a consistent effort and we got 2 big hits from Tex and ball to Rivera and Tex though.

1 down 10 to go!

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