Monday, April 25, 2011

The Genius Maker #13

Yesterday’s game was disturbing for a lot of reasons…mostly because I don’t like the way Girardi is handling the pitchers and his double talk when he explains the head scratching moves he makes. There were some good moments too.

When Girardi took out Garcia, I said to my family, this is a stupid move. Now I said this before I found out Soriano was unavailable (they say he had a sore back but should be ok) which made it even more absurd. Now, Garcia had thrown 90 pitches and while he said he could have gone out for the 7th and Girardi admitted the same, Girardi said that he didn’t want to push Garcia??? So, he didn’t want to push Garcia, but instead was ok letting Rivera go over 1 inning of work? I just don’t get it? Garcia had retired something like 14 of the last 15 batters; knowing Soriano was not available you get 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 more outs of Garcia.

BTW, it should not be lost how great Garcia has been so far allowing only 4 hits and no runs in his 12 innings he has started. I don’t expect that to continue (way to go out on limb), but great job so far.

Rivera didn’t have the late movement on his cutter, but did have movement. The main issue has been his control so far.

Other notes:

Gardner made a tremendous game saving catch in the 8th against Luke Scott (when Rivera was brought in). Gardner was playing shallow and went back and had to leap up to make the catch in full speed; it was fantastic and I am not sure who else could have made that catch from where he was playing.

Jeter got 4 hits, although 2 of them were swinging bunts

Great relay by Swisher and Cano to save the game and get the final out of the 9th inning.

The next inning Jeter got thrown out at home when he got a late jump form 3rd base (I watched this 5 times in slow motion) and Jeter slid too early and was easily blocked at home. The Yankees really need to look at how they slide at home and how they tag guys out on the bases. At home, Jeter needed to go in at the catchers’ legs if he is going to stand in front of the plate like that or knock him on his rear. Sliding early was a little weak, but at least he went straight at the catcher who made a really good play (as was the throw home)

Joba didn’t do his job, but he didn’t pitch poorly; the homer was a good piece of hitting

Cano is doing well, but he can be better if he can get his plate discipline back; he is swinging at too many balls right now (and still has an .887 OPS).

Gardner had a bad offensive day after the good day prior so unfortunately he was not able to build upon it. He is not recognizing strikes and balls well.

The umpire was awful all game; in general hurt us a little more than them, but he was just inconsistent.

Granderson had a really good game, but also missed some hittable pitches…His OPS is now at 1.051

Jorge had a bad game as well.

I think we will say more consistency from everyone once we get some decent weather (which doesn’t look likely over the next week). Overall, 12-6 is good

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