Friday, April 1, 2011

Opening Day!

This was a text book win. Solid starting pitching some timely hitting and turn it over to the best 1-2 closing punch in baseball. This bullpen will help our starters tremendously! Outside of the obvious nice hits by Tex, Granderson and ARod, I was happy to see Martin show some good speed for a catcher, a nice defensive position and movement behind the plate and also that he takes pitches.

I know many people came back to me and said I was a little optimistic with my thoughts on this team. Well, not only did I put my money where my mouth was (Over 90.5), but I think if we stay healthy we will do all the things I mentioned. Of course, winning the 1st game doesn't change anything, we could have lost and my feeling still would remain; this team will make the playoffs barring more than their share of injuries.

Last point was Joba did his job, but he didn't look all that good. It is only opening day and the weather was awful, but he was fortunate more than good.

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