Sunday, April 22, 2012


Wow, that was a lot of fun!  9-0 at the end of 5, watching the game (DVR) with my brother, we were fast forwarding just looking for anything positive as we felt the game was over.  In the 6th we saw Tex’s homer but then Fox switched to the “perfect” game which we still fast forwarded through.  The last batter checked his swing and it was a poor job by the ump behind home plate to make that call as that is one that needs to be appealed.  It still might have been a no hitter, but I think the perfect game was tarnished.  Anyway, we come back to the Yanks game and we were still fast forwarding at 2x speed and we think we see 9-5 and then 9-8, but we say, whoa let’s back it up and we saw the fireworks.  It would have been much more exciting if they didn’t switch off the game, but watching the Yanks tack on more and more runs was a lot of fun.

BTW, when did Aceves start throwing 95-96 MPH???  He always was a control guy with 92-93 and a good curve (I liked Aceves and didn’t want to see him go).  The pitcher on the mound didn’t seem like the same guy; maybe guys gain MPH when they leave us and lose it when they get here?

I will say the ball is flying out of Fenway and the park is what I call an unfair park because pops ups go off the green monster for doubles and maybe even homers and then you have the Pesky Pole and then RC where if you hit a ball 2 feet to the left you have to hit the ball 40 feet farther for a homer…it just is a crappy layout if you ask me.

Anyway, I can’t get into so many of the specifics I normally, would, but a few comments:
  1. Freddie Garcia had nothing again and was not able to hit spots with 2 strikes on the batters and they took advantage of it.
  2. Bobby V must be kicking himself for not leaving in his starter for a few more outs (he had 99 pitches) even though it was the right move.
  3. It was sad that after the Yanks had the huge lead their defensive team was Ibanez in LF.  I still don’t get why they will not bring up a defensive specialist when that would be useful?
  4. I don’t get why teams throw Swisher fastballs?  I don’t have the numbers, but almost every homer is a fastball off his bat.
  5. ARod has an excellent understanding of the strike zone.  He is more of a line drive hitter now, but his eye is still good.  He also ripped an absolute bullet that just went foul (1-2 feet) so that was encouraging
  6. I thought Girardi managed the bullpen almost exactly the correct way this game.  I would have gone right to Phelps and I would have done it a little earlier, but outside of that, Soriano, Logan (and letting Logan start the 9th against Ortiz) and Eppley with a 6 run lead was the correct way to handle that.
  7. Phelps pitched poorly, but he did get us some innings.  I think he has some ability because he hits spots (usually) and has enough of repertoire to pitch effectively.  He needs to be locked into his spots though as his stuff is not great, but it is good enough.
  8. Ortiz found the perfect spot to hit his 3 grounders through the right side
  9. How is it a hit and not an error when a SS fields a ball and his feet slide out because he was off balance?  I could see a wet field where it was reasonable to assume you could stop but you couldn’t because of the field, but Aviles committed an error and they gave Jeter a hit…not a big deal, but I would change the way scoring is done; including giving a team error on miscommunications and the like.  I also would get rid of the “you can’t assume a DP” when it is very clear a mediocre throw would create a DP. 
  10. And finally, I want to go back to June 26th, 1987.  My brother and I took my dad to a Yankee Red Sox game for his birthday.  Tommy John was pitching against Roger Clemens.  After The Red Sox beat up TJ for 9 runs going into the bottom of the 3rd, and with the prospect of having to try and come back against a great pitcher like Roger Clemens, my dad gave us a jab saying, thanks for taking me to such a good game guys…Well, that bottom of the 3rd was one for the ages.  The Yanks started with a 3 run homer by Dave Winfield and by the end scored 11 runs in that inning!  The game ended up being 11-11 and went into extra innings before the Yanks scratched a run across to win the game!  After that game, Marty Barrett (Sox 2nd baseman) said, "This is a tough loss, a really tough loss. You expect to take one like this to the bank. It's just one game. How many times is this going to happen? Maybe once every 100 years?"  Sorry Marty, we just did it to you again!

I am enjoying watching Bobby Valentine squirm and as I said before I was happy he went to the Red Sox because #1 I don’t think he is a very good manager and #2 I don’t really care for him and his arrogance.  I always liked Terry Francona (good guy and understands the game) so I was glad to see him get booted out of Boston.  I wish Ortiz was not playing well or they didn’t re-sign him because he is a good guy even if we don’t root for him.

We are back in first place…the world is back in order!

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