Friday, April 20, 2012

The Genius Maker 4-20-12

Nova was excellent.  I still don’t know why he doesn’t get the respect of other pitchers.  I have been on his band wagon from the beginning and was ticked when he was sent down last year (makes me wonder if Girardi has a clue).  Nova has good stuff.  93-95 MPH fastball, a good curve and he threw his slider a lot too.  When he was struggling in Spring Training people talked about him being a possible send down…I don’t get it.  With the wind blowing out, getting Ibanez fail to catch a ball for a double and Swisher lose a ball in the sun for a double; Nova didn’t walk anyone and pitched great.

Back on Girardi.  He said that he felt they needed another arm instead of another fielder.  I think he is foolish if he really feels that way.  We have plenty of arms but when Ibanez or Andrew Jones are playing in the 9th inning of a game you are winning, then you could use a defensive replacement.  Ibanez was up in the 8th inning against a lefty that was brought in.  I would have brought in Nunez to pinch hit and then let him play LF (of course I would not have had Ibanez on my team, I would have let a young guy try and develop, but with Ibanez on the team I would have reached down in the minors anyway).  Truth to be told, Ibanez actually got a single (on a changeup) so he did come through and has been respectable, but then made a terrible base running play getting caught in a run down trying to get an extra base on a wild pitch with 1st and 3rd and one out.

Then Girardi continued his idiocy by going to Cody Eppley in the 9th inning of a 6-2 game with the wind blowing out???  Are you kidding me?  Just go to Rivera and end the game, don’t mess around.  I called my brother (I was on delay) and said what the heck is Girardi doing with Cody Eppley?  Well at least after Eppley allowed the first guy on he took him right out, but that is just stupid.

Great game by Chavez with 2 dingers and Swisher added a good game himself along with ARod.  Martin hit a bomb and got robbed of a double on an outstanding catch by Jason Repko, the Red Sox CF’r.  The ball was behind him and it was simply great.

Swisher has 14 RBI, I think that leads the AL

Rivera looked good again and Robertson did his job along with Cory Wade.

Baltimore is losing as I right this which would put us in a tie with them.

Yanks win 6-2!


  1. Girardi may have decided to use Epply in order to see what Epply can do. It cost almost nothing to give him a shot. Even though he allowed a baserunner, the Yanks were still virtually certain to win the game, with Mo pitching and a 4 run lead.

    As it turned out, Epply looked bad. Coming into a packed stadium in Boston isn't the easiest way to make a Yankee debut, so I can understand if Epply was nervous and not pitching his best. However, as we know, you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and Epply blew it.

    IMHO the decision to let Epply pitch did do some good. It helped Girardi learn something about Epply, although it's not what he hoped for. Girardi now knows not to count on Epply in a clutch situation.

  2. David, I don't agree at all. You don't experiment with a guy in Boston in the 9th inning. While a 4 run lead should be locked down, it was Fenway with the ball flying out. Does one batter really mean he can't get it done? I don;t think it tells you much, it was just a bad move. I don;t know this guy at all, but you let him pitch at a different part of the game; remember, he was released by Texas so he probably isn't great.