Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Genius Maker 4-28-12

I was only able to watch bits and pieces of the last two games, but the Yanks got a little lucky in the Verlander game in that Detroit had a lot of chances and the wild pitches (passed balls) helped.  On the winning play, ARod made it happen as he waived Jeter in when Jeter's first reaction was back to 3rd.  ARod is not hitting like we need him to, but the guy has always had excellent baseball instincts.

In yesterday's loss, Nunez played SS and in the first inning he messed up an excellent throw by Martin by being a little late to the bag and not fielding the ball that arrived about the same time as the runner.  He should have made that play and the first inning would not have had a threat.  Instead after intentionally walking Fielder (after falling behind and the correct move), Garcia made a HORRIBLE 0-2 pitch with 2 outs where he placed a hanging splitter on a tee and let up a 3 run HR to Dirks.  Martin had just gone out to talk to Garcia and I don’t know what was exchanged, but it clearly wasn't followed.  On an 0-2 count you simply can't make those mistakes.  The Yanks fell behind 6-1 as Garcia showed why I always liked Colon better and the Yanks chose the wrong guy to stay with the team as his ERA is now 12.51 and he should not pitch again for the team (at least in the rotation and maybe not at all).  Phelps and Rapada kept us in the game and the Yanks made a desperate comeback at the end with a high fly ball to RF that was just short of the warning track that would have tied the game, but it was not to be.  Phelps should probably replace Garcia or if they feel Andy is ready, bring him up.  I am not thrilled with Hughes, but I would like to give a legitimate long leash to him before I remove him from the rotation because once I do, that is probably I would like to let him go longer.

While Martin has not been good overall hitting, Cano and Tex are killing us.  Both guys are barely above a .700 OPS.  I still see Cano swinging at too many bad pitches similar to his I am going to swing no matter what mentality, but mostly, he seems like he is just not getting the barrel out fast enough.  When he is going well he is ripping inside pitches foul and then of course, sometimes keeping them fair, but he is just not doing that so far.  Yesterday he had another one that normally he would scorch, but instead it was just a fly to CF.  Tex has an AB that ticked me off as well in the 9th inning.  ARod had just walked taking 3 straight balls and after 2 more balls to Tex (remember we are down 7-3 as Swisher led off the 9th with a HR) Tex swings at the 2-0 pitch was inside and it ate him up and he popped up to 1st base.  I understand if you want to pick out a zone and try to drive a pitch that you expect to be grooved, but the guy has thrown 5 straight balls and has allowed a HR and the one out (Cano) was not a great pitch...some common sense or at least some patience is in order.  After a single and double Chavez had a chance to tie the game, but didn't get a good swing on the pitch and the game was over 7-5. 

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