Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1 - Game 1

Well, that didn’t go as planned!  It is opening day, but I don’t think CC broke 91 MPH all game and threw a lot of 90 MPH fastballs.  His change had good movement, but when the fastball isn’t fast, everything else is less effective.  He also walked too many guys.  The biggest one was the walk to Jackie Bradley Jr (who also made a nice catch saving at least one run).

I thought Vernon Wells’ line drive down the 3rd base line was fair; looked like it bounced over the bag.

Ben Francisco as a DH is just awful!

Nix took two called 3rd strikes down the middle as did Nunez once.

On the triple by Ellsbury to Ichiro, did anyone catch how smooth, effortless and fast Cano relayed the ball to Nix?  Basically flat footed he made an amazing throw that did in between hop Nix but if Nix could have fielded it, I think Ellsbury would have been out…either way it was a sick relay.

One thing I wanted to say in yesterday’s blog was that I would rather have Russell Martin on the team, than Vernon Wells.  I don’t understand the penny pinching at the catcher position yet throwing 6 mil around to our corner OF’s who just are not that good?  The drop to the catchers we have now is FAR greater than the drop to whatever replacement we would put out the field.  Cervelli and Wells had hits so I am saying this with them doing a good job in game 1.  Also, Cervelli, did make an excellent/quick tag on the play at home.

I am not sure how they didn’t score Cano’s play an error as he over ran it and then it ran up his arm…if you wanted to give the batter a hit, you could have, but there had to be an error to allow the run to score from 2nd base.

Joba get hit around, but I thought his stuff was good.  The ump cost him at least one out and Cano could have helped him…overall, while his performance was bad, I was encouraged by the way the ball was coming out of his hands…although the porn moustache wasn’t that good looking.


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