Friday, April 5, 2013

Game 3

Whew, that game saved a winless season!  It seems like some people really felt we would never win…One thing not to joke about was how awesome it was to The Genius Maker trot out to the mound with Enter Sandman blasting through Yankee Stadium!  Watching Rivera should be treasured as it is doubtful we will see another one like him and he added to his record to save is 609th save.  I only hope he is able to make this final year a good one and not one that tarnishes his career even a little.  I don’t expect the same greatness, but I do hope for it.  I also do expect him to be a good closer (with more hiccups) and seeing the movement on his pitches was very encouraging.  At his age being good is fantastic.

I know Overbay has only 2 hits in 9 AB’s without a walk or an extra base hit, but I think he was a very useful and cheap signing.  He gives us our best defensive 1st baseman and not an instant out at the plate.  He actually has hit the ball pretty well even if the numbers don’t show it.  Lyle also gives us insurance in case Tex can’t come back in a timely manner. 

Cervelli seems like a new guy as his throws have him better and he hit a ball about as far as he can last night.  I said yesterday that he is fine against lefties, but what a bonus if he could give us a .700 OPS+ against righties IF his defense is solid.  Wouldn’t it great if a younger guy actually developed?  Cervelli would be a large bonus as I was not expecting much.

In the same game, the Red Sox got tagged out at home, Gardner and Nunez got thrown out stealing and Gardner got thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double!  Ross made good throws and the SS twice made good picks to get the bounced throw and keep the glove down to get the stolen bases (Gardner had a terrible jump), but Victorino made a lightning quick release to get Gardner at 2nd base.  I thought he would make it when he tried it and sometimes you tip your cap.

Give some credit to Pettitte…he did a heck of a job and has been really good since coming back to the team.  He and Rivera added to their own record of 69 wins and saves as a combo.   

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