Sunday, April 7, 2013

Game 6

CC battled and ended up performing great.  Still didn’t break 91 that I saw, but he got through the lineup.  Detroit didn’t swing the bats too well though.  Robertson and Rivera looked pretty good in getting the last 6 outs.  Both had good movement and decent control for early on.  Rivera threw some of his running fastballs into righties which was good to see and hit 91.

As for the game Nix had a great game with a dinger, another deep fly that just went foul but still came back with a single and another one later on.  Cervelli also continued swing well (along with Youkilis).  Gardner was having a bad game at the plate, especially after failing to get down a bunt with a Nix on 1st and nobody out (amazing how the pros still drop the head of the bat on a bunt which leads to popups, but Gardner did make a nice running catch and got a hit later when we blew it open.  I didn’t understand not pinch running for Hafner in the 8th inning with the score 3-0 and the deciding to pinch run for hafner with Nunez after Wells doubled to make it 2nd and 3rd with one out?  First, the double might have scored Hafner if it wasn’t touched by a fan, but if Nunez was on 1st it definitely would have scored Nunez and the ump would have ruled as such.  But why wait until he was on 3rd.  I get the feeling Girardi didn’t think of it until he saw Hafner running slowly…C’mon Joe!

Santiago the SS for Detroit looks excellent defensively…very quick, good arm and release.

Cervelli showed some good emotion behind the plate but he hasn’t received all that well so far, I have not loved his pitch selection and I am waiting to see his arm, but I have to say his offense has been terrific so far…

Not sure about Rivera closing out a 7-0 game, but it was really nice to see Detroit honor Rivera at the final game at Detroit this year!  As Yankee fans, we should find those games at other stadiums!

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