Thursday, April 9, 2015

Game 2!

Man, very rough weather to play in.  The worst baseball weather; windy, cool and wet.  But, it made for a very enjoyable game to watch.

Because of the weather, I don't want to take too much out of the game; but here goes.

1st inning - Ellsbury walked and then got picked off, but I thought it was a balk.  Clearly there was movement before the throw to first, but the umps missed it.  BTW, I thought the ump behind home plate did a great job; very consistent.  ARod K'd on a questionable pitch, but he might have been right and that was my only complaint...great job)

Pineda started out very well in full control even breaking out a beautiful 2 seamer that he turned over that moved into a righty.  It was such a strange pitch that Ken Singleton asked what it was.  It wasn't his change as it came in at 90 but it was a fastball he took a little off of.  But, that is something Pineda can do.  He has a good feel on how to pitch.  He cut a few into lefties, he threw a 4 seam fastball and then he threw his slider.  As the game went on his breaking stuff was just spinning (no break) and that caused him to use the changeup which he used masterfully getting two huge k's back to back keeping the Yankees in the game.  Because it was cold nobody was throwing high 90's, but Pineda was throwing mostly 91 and with guys on base sometimes less.

After a leadoff double by Tex (who batted righty against the righty knuckleballer) McCann did a poor job not moving the runner over.  Headley did what McCann needed to do (at the minimum), but now with 2 outs that didn't help much (although with a knuckleballer it does put more pressure on the catcher). Unfortunately, ARod K'd on the same pitch he took for ball 3.

In the 3rd, the Jays had a chance to break it open again with 1 run in and 1st and 2nd nobody out but they decided not to bunt Reyes.  I think this was the turning point of the game.  A fast guy at the plate and a sac that moves two bases is so logical, but instead Reyes made an unproductive out and Pineda used his changeups to K Martin and Bautista.  That was the key to the game if you ask me...poor managing by Gibbons.

There was an odd play where Tex jumped for a ball and it deflected off of his glove (not Tex's fault) that I would have liked to see Drew catch.  He got a lot of glove on it but couldn’t line it up and it cost us a run because it would have been an easy DP.  Good pitching kept us in it.

In the 6th Gardner's speed saved at least one run with a nice running catch.

Chris Martin (he is 28 and has 16 innings in the majors with Colorado) came in to pitch the 7th for us and he did a really nice job.  He was impressive in that he worked both sides of the plate showing a nice cutter going into a lefty but also being able to run the fastball into righties.  I don’t remember seeing a breaking ball, but his control and movement were very good.

Headley made a nice heads up play getting into scoring position on a fly to LF by ARod, but we stranded him.

Betances came in for the 8th but his control was off walking two guys.  McCann made a terrible play trying to throw behind the runner for a few reasons.  The pitch was a bad one and I give McCann credit for picking it clean, but he was lucky he did pick it clean (a run would have scored if it got by him.  I assume he felt the runner would take too much of a lead, but he threw low to Tex (for the 2nd time and Tex didn't block the ball.  I write it that way because the previous low throw by McCann had Tex lift up his glove to scoop it and I thought Tex got a little lucky as his entire goal is to block the ball from going into RF and left the "5 hole" open but the ball came up so he was a little lucky.  This time he did the same thing and lifted the glove and the ball went under into RF for a run.  Tex always lifts his glove high to make it look spectacular and I wish he would just make the play (which I think he only does about average compared to others).  To be fair, Tex made a good scoop to end the game and did get another one earlier as well.

Into the bottom of the 8th down 3-1.  After a bloop leadoff double from Chris Young (who pinch hit for Didi), we mount our comeback with a line bullet single by Ellsbury (on base every time tonight) and then a HBP, a walk, another HBP and then Headley hit a soft line one hopper off the pitcher that went toward SS and somehow Reyes couldn’t corral it either and it went by him scoring 2 runs and giving us our first lead of the game (and the year).

Miller came in for the first save opportunity post the genius maker and in terrible conditions looked excellent.  His fastball was spotted perfectly and his sharp slurve was very effective with nobody getting a solid look or piece of it. Miller threw 10 pitches, 8 for strikes, got 1 K and the rest was clean!

That was enjoyable!

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