Monday, April 13, 2015

Game 6

As I stated in my last blog, winning this game was as important as the 6th game of the year could be.  2 games back seems a heck of a lot better than 4 games back.  Plus, we had Tanaka going and seeing him pitch well would be nice.  Unfortunately, I didn't see him pitch well.  Forget the hours of blathering regarding whether he had the arm strength velocity and where he was pitching from the announcers.  The only part I agreed with them was you need to work all sides (including the top and the bottom) of the strike zone and showing some high heat is needed to make everything else look better.  My issue with Tanaka was more that he walked 3 guys in 5 innings.  he was trying to be too fine and I think needs to throw some more 4 seam fastballs just for another look and also to make everything else look better.  His slider was controlled well and splitter had downward movement but he wasn't able to get a lot of swing and misses because it was thrown too low (and didn't fool them enough.  It is still early in the year so he can be OK, but the walks were not good especially where and to whom they were given to.  BTW, Schilling made a comment about where his elbow was on "off speed pitches compared to his fastball," and I didn't agree at all with what Schilling was saying because I slowed it up and looked for it.  A batter can see a setup very easily and the release point well but anything behind the windup can't be seen and if there was something it was not blatant.  If anyone has any video where they showed this I would like to see it.

The offense woke up and Boston had some of the fielding issues we have had all year, but it was great to see ARod rip a base clearing double as well as show an excellent eye at the plate.  I know he is striking out but he is making pitchers work and I like his approach.  I don't expect his present .967 OPS but if he can give us anything above .800 that would be good.

I still can't believe how poor our defense has been.  Drew threw one wide of 2nd and Gregorius backed up on a grounder and then couldn't get the handle of the ball until it was too late.  It was listed as a FC and thus no error, but that is a terrible scoring decision, that was an error because he bobbled it and was incorrectly scored.

Last blog I meant to say that Gregorio (Petit) would be the guy that I expect to not be with the team too long and I wrote Gregorius incorrectly.  I have corrected it.  The yanks should have never brought Petit to the team...he isn't very good and his name is confusing...

Let's see if we can get in a groove and go on and win 13 of 20 games or something like that.

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