Saturday, April 11, 2015

Game 5

I missed the 19 inning epic as I didn't have my DVR set for a non Yes network game.

1-4 is not a good start especially when they are against Toronto and Boston so Sundays game is a little important or as important as the 6th game of the season can be.  I would rather not be 4 games back with another loss; Tanaka needs to out dual Buchholz.

The part of the year that has surprised me the most so far is how poor our defense has been.  JR Murphy has two passed balls and throws one into CF on a horrible throw allowing a run to score.  ARod drops a throw at first base and I could care less if he hasn't played there...catch the ball.  Later on ARod barely came off the base on a throw that I could see happening if you are not comfortable at where to be on the base to ensure you stay in contact if you can (probably could have if he stepped up on the base).  but even Tex didn't know what he was doing the other day.  Headley, who has a good reputation for defense has been bad so far this year and Garrett Jones allowed 3 runs to score on what was a bad play in RF and one where he looked really slow.

I hate our 2nd base situation as I mentioned in my first blog.  Petit looks decent on the turn, but he can't hit and doesn't seem like a gem at 2nd base.  The fact he is 30 doesn't show much upside either, but maybe he is a late bloomer?  Doubtful.  I also don;t like that our two middle infielders are Gregorius and Gregorio; too confusing.  My guess is Gregorio won't be on the squad too long.

Last year Beltran was one of the huge disappointments so the hope was he would get back to closer to teh back of his baseball card; but he is off to a bad start.  headley needs to get going as well especially when his defense is so poor.

All the above said, it is REALLY early and a 1-4 run will not be the worst run we have all year (most likely)

I will feel better if we win Sunday; not only because it is Boston and not only to save us from being down 4 games, but I hope Tanaka pitches well; I think he will.

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