Friday, May 8, 2015

ARod moves into 4th place all time for HR's

Congrats to ARod and also to Yankee fans.  yesterday was very encouraging to me because ARod has the power he used top have back.  While he has hit some shots this year which of course is encouraging, yesterday he hit what could have been 2 HR's on pitches that were on the outside corner of the plate.  When he is going well he has an effortless swing that generates huge power.  Yesterday I saw that.  One time he went the other way and just extended his arms and the ball would have bounced on the wide wall and been a HR but it was taken away by a nice timed leap by Delmon Young.  The tie breaking HR was again on the outside corner and ARod extended fully and pulled the ball to LC for a long HR.  This is really good for our team!

I also saw an interesting stat; while I don't know the statistical correlation, I would think that the faster you hit the ball the more positive the results would be.  ARod is 7th in baseball with a velocity off the bat averaging 94.4 MPH (his HR was 108.2 MPH one of the "fastest" off the bat this year).  Obviously, you can hit a solid popup as well and when you swing and miss (ARod has done a lot) this does not impact this stat, but I thought interesting regardless.

As for the win Eovaldi struggled with his command again, specifically with his breaking ball.  When that happens they need to throw more changes, which they didn't do.  He kept us in the game, but a guy who is at 97 consistently (hit 99 once) should be better.

Girardi went to Wilson at the exact time I would have and Wilson came through.  I also like that Girardi stuck with Wilson against the righties because he can be good if he can throw strikes.  He did get some tough counts but came through when he had to and was able to hand off to Betances and Miller who did their job with a one run lead.   Betances stuff is nasty but Miller can also bring it and his slider comes out of his hand the same as they fastball and the pitch must break 3 feet.  The Twin Towers (TM) are phenomenal.  yes, I would like to trade mark that :-)   Who can make some shirts?

Ellsbury is staying hot and finding the holes

Gardner has done a great job of hitting fastballs but waiting while keeping his hands back on breaking pitches and then unloading; he has been excellent!

I know people are annoyed at Tex and his .223 batting average, but who cares as long as he has an OBP of .345 and a slug of .606 for an OPS of .951!  Ellsbury is batting .363 but his OPS is 854, Headley is batting .238 but his OPS is .673 and McCann is hitting .227 with an OPS of 661 to give you some perspective.  If Tex is above a .900 OPS I would be ecstatic; I would be fine above .850.

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