Monday, May 18, 2015

KC Sunday

Not much to say about last night’s game.  The offense was not good, but I will say Volquez has some sharp stuff and shut them down.  The biggest item was Capuano pitching for the 1st time this season.  The numbers were not good, but he pitched better than his numbers ended up as Rogers didn’t help him.  Further, KC didn’t hit Capuano hard.  2 walks in 3 innings is bad and of course only going 3 innings is bad, but the hook was a bit early unless he was on a very low pitch count (63)?  His stuff is mediocre and is a very soft throwing lefty that needs to control all his pitches to be effective.  He is a ok #4 or #5 starter and we shouldn’t expect more than a 4 – 4.4 ERA from him.

Two other comments:  On a DP ball that Headley was turning because of the shift, he threw a little wide right of 1st base.  The announcers just blamed Headley because he isn’t used to turning 2 and while the throw was a little wide it was very catchable.  Tex stretched too soon or didn’t stretch toward the throw and all he did was fall to his right as he didn’t reach the ball (might have ticked off his glove).  This is something I teach the little leaguers.  To illustrate the range difference the 1st baseman has if he does it correctly you need to stand up.  If you are righty, your right foot is on the bag and you step forward with your left foot toward the ball.  Go ahead and stretch straight ahead and now reach to your right or left.  You have your arms length of movement/range and that is it.  Now see/say the ball is thrown to your right (like Headley’s) and stretch toward your right and see how much more area you can cover.  It is at least 2 extra feet of coverage.  While the throw was not accurate, Tex messed that up if you ask me.

The last comment is how important it is to get into the middle relief of teams.  Taking pitches and working counts is a critical component to winning these days and the reason why the OBP guys and the guys who can work counts are very important.  The players who jump on the first pitch are less valuable all things being equal.  Just something to keep in mind…and also why I don’t have an issue with strike outs…at least we made the pitcher throw 3 + pitches.

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