Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tampa game from Wednesday the 13th

Two games in a row we score two runs in the first inning and then zippo the rest of the way.  We either have to take advantage of the first inning better or put together a sustained attack throughout the game or we will have an offense as many expected of us.

Comments from the game:

·      The excitement that we felt with Beltran coming out of his slump was diminished a little bit even though he was 1-4.   His swing is OK, but his plate discipline was awful.  I counted him swinging at 6 balls in 4 AB’s.
·      ARod seemed to be pulling off the ball today but he did keep enough of his hands back to rip an inside changeup for a single.
·      Where is Ellsbury’s power?  He has a slug % of .396 now.  I love the .417 OBP, but that slug% is very low.  He swung at ball 4 today by checking his swing on a ball that hit the ground and then deflected foul off his bat.  He then struck out on a pitch right down the middle.
·      We need a lot more from Drew and Gregorius offensively.  Last year Didi had an OPS of .653; I would be very happy with that (the year before was .705).  He is at a horrible .517.  Drew is at .624 mostly because of 10 extra base hits.  For perspective, out of all 196 major league hitters with 100 or more plate appearances, Didi Gregorius is 191st…Drew is 163rd.  Beltran is 159th at .634.   One notable is Melky Cabrera is 173rd with an OPS of .593.
·      Tex was thrown out the plate on a fairly close play with 2 outs.  I had no issue sending him as the throw was accurate and the catcher made a very good tag to get Tex.  That was the play of the game and shows you how crucial getting that good secondary and jump off the bat is to possibly winning or losing a game.  My issue on that play was Girardi reviewing the play and I assume asking for them to see if home plate was being blocked by the catcher.  I say I was assuming because I watch on DVR and don’t listen to the announcers much and Tex was clearly tagged out. The catcher gave Tex a sliding lane and did it all perfectly from what I saw and I have no idea why Girardi would waste a challenge in that?  He didn’t need one later but in a tight game you never know and that could have been an issue.
·      Pirella has a quick bat but he will need to learn to drive the outside pitch the other way and control the outside part of the plate to be successful long term
·      Tampa has only one lefty in their pen.  Veterans of the blog know I don’t understand that at all.   This is such a disadvantage because it gives the opposing manager nothing to worry about in making moves late in the game.  You can leave your lefty who is a righty killer in the game without concern. 
·      Back to Drew, It is like he forgot how to hit.  He was up against Jepsen who could only throw his fastball and in his one breaking ball missed badly.  Drew knew the fastball was coming and he got one right down the middle and swung through it…very frustrating.
·      As for the pitching, Warren was Ok.  The results were solid 3 runs in 7 innings, but he has to get better command of his changeup.  He throws it a lot and it needs to be closer to the strike zone more often.  He threw many that were easy balls.  A better hitting team would have hurt him more tonight.
·      Miller came in and threw 10 pitches…9 for strikes and struck out the side.  Nice!

Time to get back to our winning ways or maybe we shave the moustaches soon?

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