Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Genius Maker 6-16

Friday’s game:
 Hughes against Gio Gonzalez (8-2) is a tough matchup and Gonzalez looked the part showing an excellent curve ball and a 95+ fastball.  The Yanks really worked the count even when they were getting out by going full almost every guy.  This was huge in the game as Gonzalez allowed only 3 runs, but could only go 6 innings and the Yanks scored 4 in the remaining 3 innings against the bullpen.

Hughes had a lively fastball and a solid curve, but he was a bit frustrating when he didn’t field his position well again and then walked a guy with 1st and 2nd 2 outs; only to be followed by an 0-2 hanging curve.  Fortunately that sequence of bad pitching was pretty much it for Hughes as he also struck out 9 guys.

The bullpen pitched the final 3 innings with Robertson allowing 1 run, but getting his feet wet.  It was a very satisfying win beating such a hot pitcher on a hot team that had won 6 in a row.

Nix made a very nice turn at 2nd base and also made a Cano like play (OK maybe not, but pretty good) that Tex made a nice scoop

Granderson did a nice job going to left on the hit that opened up the game.  I know people get on his strikeouts, but the guy has been excellent!

Saturday’s game:

Washington got on the board with 2 runs, but I felt Ibanez should have caught the ball.  He gave up on it while at the warning track and the ball hit the base of the wall; he should have it or at least a faster guy would have easily had it.  People dismiss defense, but a decent LF’r makes that play.

Pettitte once again had his sharp breaking ball, but had a little more control problems walking 3 in 7 innings.  He was sharp though and with 95 pitches I expected him to stay in the game to start the 8th with the Yanks holding onto a 3-2 lead.    Cory Wade came in though and got the first 2 guys out and then had an 0-2 count going so he looked good.  Martin called for a breaking ball that missed and then correctly came back again but he missed again.  I was thinking that the change was the pitch to throw here or you could go with another curve.  Martin and Wade went with the fastball away and Wade left it out over the plate and the game was tied.  While the pitch was in the wrong spot and a change hung could have been a disaster also, the fastball was the pitch being expected and I think it was poor pitch selection.  After wade walked the next batter, Logan came on.  After a stolen base, LaRoche singled to RF where Wise charged and got rid of the ball quickly to home to get the called 3rd out of the inning.  The replay showed the runner was clearly safe and the yanks got a huge break; most likely a game saving one.

The game then went into extra innings mode until the top of the 14th when Tex got a huge double knocking in 2 runs.  This happened after the same ump who helped us called a really low strike on Tex that made it 1-1 instead of 2-0.  Fortunately, Brad Lidge hung his slider for the double after making it 2-1.

Soriano got the 1st out and then allowed 2 singles before getting a fly out and getting Bryce Harper to ground out to end the game.  Harper was 0-7 with 5 strikeouts!  I was worried because you felt like he was due up to that point…lucky for us his horrible day continued (he did make a nice catch though)

A couple other notes:
·        Jeter booted a ball in the 13th and was smiling more than I was comfortable with.  He did redeem himself after failing to lay down a bunt (and looking bad in the process), he was able to get a single before the Tex double.
·        Chavez had good AB’s during the game and would have had a 3rd hit if Harper didn’t make the nice play
·        Swisher left the game with a left quad bruise as the catcher kneed him on a play at the plate were he was out.  The announcers didn’t see it and kept saying he hit the bat, but he clearly was hit with the shin guard.
·        After homering late in the win yesterday, today the Yanks won without homering; that is the first time this year.
·        Rapada got his guy and Eppley got 5 outs and Freddie Garcia pitched 2 perfect innings to hold Washington scoreless.  Yes, Garcia pitched well and picked up the win!

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