Monday, June 25, 2012

The Genius Maker 6-24

I wrote the below blog two days ago but never sent out an email and wanted to get these few words about last night’s win:
  • Can we put an end to Stewart as CC’s personal catcher?  CC has not looked like CC all year long and it is time switch it up.
  • So much for the pitchers dual.
  • The defense was still very poor and Cano had a rare off day.  Tex could have made a play and Stewart struggled all game.  Two awful fielding games in a row…even the throw home by Ibanez died.
  • So our players do the swipe slide into home where they touch home plate with their hand…and RA Dickey goes straight in and blocks the catcher from the ball…OK, I get it
  • If Robby Thompson wants to be aggressive at the right times; most likely sending Tex home with Stewart and CC coming up would have been a good idea.  With one out I was fine with him holding him up, but he simply doesn’t get it.
  • Logan did great again!
  • Robertson and Soriano got the job done as well
  • Some people were critical of Girardi for leaving CC in too long; I thought he handled it fine.  Wade didn’t do his job again.

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