Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Genius Maker 6-23

Our defense was really atrocious in this game.  Jeter and ARod missed easy plays and Ibanez misplayed a double that should have been caught (of course Girardi made the blunder of not taking Ibanez out after we batted in the 7th inning for a defensive replacement and it almost cost us).  Jeter’s play would have been an inning ending DP and while Nova got out of it he had to work very hard to do so.  ARod caused him to work hard as well.  3 walks were too many for Nova, but overall he pitched pretty well. 

This game showed why it is critical to have 2 lefties in the pen.  Rapada came on and got his guy and then we went to Eppley and who had the Ibanez play get the leadoff guy at 2nd base.  After getting Wright to ground out, moving the runner t0 3rd with 1 out) Girardi correctly went to Logan to face the two lefties coming up.  Logan was very sharp striking out both guys in a huge spot in the game.

The 8th inning was interesting as Robertson came on and was fairly typical in that he didn’t allow any players to touch the ball…walking 2 and striking out 3.  With 1st and 2nd and 2 outs, Nieuwenhuis was up and Robertson threw a fastball inside that he struggled with.  I wanted another one and he struggled with it again.  At this point he could do anything, but why go away form something working so well?  Martin called for the fastball up and in and Robertson hit a spot for the strike out.  It was great to see Robertson look more like himself.  His velocity and breaking ball were good, but the command isn’t quite there and the cut was not consistent on his fastball yet.  But he is getting there as his later fastballs had more movement.

Soriano did his job to close out the one run save; he surely has been getting the job done as closer.

I was critical of Ibanez for his defense, but his offense was huge hitting a line drive 3 run HR.  

Chavez pinch hit for a HR hit the other way on a pitch that was a ball up and away.

The Yanks bats could not hit the slow pitching of C. Young; not really sure why they struggled with an 85 MPH fastball, because some were pretty straight and over the plate, but he did spot some as well and he had a good breaking ball.   

Swisher had an AB leading off the 9th that is indicative of why his walks are down this year.  3-2 count he swung at a slider in the dirt.  It sounds simple, but he has not been taking those bad pitches nearly often enough.  I understand a close ball, but when the ball is in the dirt you have to take your base.  At least he has been swinging the bat well of late!

Baltimore lost as did TB; so a good day!

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  1. Be prepared for a good dicking today Yankees