Monday, June 4, 2012

The Genius Maker 6-3

Saturday’s game was similar frustration with the lack of hitting in key spots.  Detroit handed us opportunities and we even with 4 walks in one inning we could only get one run.  I don’t want to say the walks are not earned as being patient has advantages, but the main piece of information I took from this game was that I didn’t remember a game where we had so many hittable pitches and we simply could not square up a ball.  People talk about “if it wasn’t for that one pitch to …” but reality is that there are usually at least a handful of bad pitches but people only remember the ones that get hit.  Well, the Yanks got a at least 15 very hittable mistakes and we simply missed them.

Jeter got Sunday going in the first pitch of the game with a dinger.  The Yanks actually swung the bat well and did not chase Verlander's breaking ball and took advantage of Verlander being off his spots.  ARod turned a fastball around and crushed a long homer to LC (this was very good to see).  Hughes pitched an excellent game.  He still misses a lot of spots and Detroit did not swing the bats well, but what I saw out of Hughes was more movement on his fastball than he has had his last terrible outing.  It also appeared that he had movement both ways (running and tailing).  His change is still too straight and he gets it up too often, but I don’t want to criticize after an excellent performance. 

Detroit's defense is not very good and that looks like something that hasn't gotten much attention.  On Cano's triple the CF'r got a terrible jump and then they ended up throwing the ball away allowing Cano to score...Detroit packed it in after that.

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