Sunday, May 13, 2018

Final Oakland Game

We took another series!

Severino was not sharp but his 3 excellent pitches were not hit hard even though he put them in non-preferred locations.  His location was not good, but his stuff was good enough for him to get through 6 innings of 1 run baseball.  Oakland really didn't swing the bats well, but the 3 pitches were mixed well.

Judge tried to throw a runner out and made a great strong throw, but he may need to speed up his release in the future.  He seems to be in no rush to get rid of the ball.  He also should come forward toward home more (but I am being picky)

Great 4 hit game by Stanton.  His first hit was odd in that his back foot went back and away from the plate on the swing (that is something a little leaguer would do); he still hit it hard.
Stanton is faster than I thought he was; he gets out of the box and down the line pretty well.  He has also played a good OF when given the chance.

Didi still can't center a ball well now and could use a day off.  Contrast that with Gardner, who was in the same boat most of the year, but now that he is going well, he has been hitting the same pitches he missed previously on the nose!

We are about 25% through the season and on a pace to win 113 games; I am good with that!

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