Friday, May 11, 2018

Game 3 Against Boston

Here we are down 4-0 in the 7th inning, after a rain delay, and we still are clawing back with bases loaded and one out.  With one good hit, some walks, a grounder that found the hole and some good base running by Gardner to score on a wild pitch where the catcher Sanchez'd it (it was not an easy block but he was late) the Yankees tied it at 4.  You have to admire the grit of this team. 

A cheap HR that just cleared the RF porch and missed Judge's glove by inches (to the right, not behind) as the ball kept fading away from him, was the one run that broke our streak.  We still fought again in the 8th but a borderline low pitch (close) got Walker with 2 men on.

Outside of the call on Walker (which was close and we didn't see a side angle, the ump behind home plate was awful and 95% of the bad calls favored the Red Sox.  The same spot for CC was a ball that was called a strike for Rodriguez on many occasions.  In a close game like this, it was a huge factor in the game.  In contrast, I thought the ump Wednesday night was great.  He called it consistent both ways and was spot on.  He was so good that I actually looked up to see who it was (Cory Blaser).  Good job Cory.  Stu Scheurwater was the bad ump Thursday night FWIW.  You could see one situation where Boone gave him a mouthful saying "that was ball 5, wasn't even close."  He also had an "F" bomb in there, but Boone was right.  These things even out over time, but a bad performance even by the umps needs to be called out.

From the Yankees standpoint, I think a huge AB was from Tyler Austin.  He was up with bases loaded and 1 out and had a 2-0 count on him.  He was in swing-no-matter-what mode and waved at a change in the dirt.  He followed it by swinging at a slider so inside that might have hit him if he turned into it (a lefty was on the mound).  He was then called out on a fastball that was inside that the ump (Stu) called a strike; it was a bad call during an awful AB.  In this AB (different than the one Boone yelled at the ump for), the pitcher threw 5 straight balls and our outcome was a strikeout with the bases loaded.  Bad job by the slumping Austin

Didi is 0 for his last 23.

Great run and the game last night was exciting again! 

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