Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Bronx Bombers!

I wrote this in the morning but got into work and forgot until I was getting lunch...

These are the real Bronx Bombers!  At least 4 HR’s in 3 straight games for the first time in Yankee history.  Also, at least 8 extra base hits in the 3 consecutive games (also a Yankee record) which had only been done 3 other times by other teams.

The power surge overshadowed a poor performance by Tanaka.  As he said, "I did not have my split tonight.”  For some reason, he threw it more than he should have including a time where a fastball seemed to be the pitch where he surrendered a 3 run HR as he hung it.  I understand trying to get a pitch to work, but if the pitch is not working well, you need to throw something else when you are behind in the count.  What was even more frustrating was that he walked two guys before surrendering the HR.  With a 3 run lead, I really hate walks.

The same situation happened with Robertson in the 8th with a 3 run lead, he walked the leadoff guy.  That really drives me crazy.  He did get out of the inning, but make them earn their way on.

Other Notes:

Torres made a really smooth play in the 1st inning.  I know he had a rough game the other day, but he can play 2nd base and his offense has been spectacular so far (.960 OPS).  I was impressed with the HR he hit to CF; he is a huge asset; even if he most likely will not keep his OPS this high.

Didi hit a solid double the other way, so hopefully, he starts to see some progress.  His other AB’s were not that good and he still seemed off balance to me, but he will get it straightened out.  Didi also made an outstanding defensive play with full-out dive and then quickly threw from his knees to get the batter.

Judge broke an 0-17 with a HR and a double!

Gary Sanchez had an excellent defensive game even though he threw a ball into CF on a delayed steal.  He moved much better behind the plate and more importantly started to use his chest protector instead of trying to glove everything.  While using the protector he made it look easy (or how most catchers do) on many balls in the dirt.  He also got a lot of glove on a really wild pitch and then took off after it stopping the runner from advancing.  His receiving skills still may be weak, but if he blocks balls even average and combine that with his well above avg throwing skills (release/popup time, arm strength and accuracy) and his excellent offense for a catcher, he will be a huge advantage; much like Posada was.  Sanchez’ OPS is .876, even with a batting avg of .231.  That is 2nd best in baseball…ironically behind Francisco Cervelli.  Yeah, I was shocked to see that as well; his OPS is .920 in 115 AB’s.  I would bet money Sanchez catches Francisco even if Cervelli is not a bad hitting catcher.  His career OPS is .744

KC was down 5-4 somewhere around the 4th inning and had their number 3 hitter up with a runner on 1st and nobody out…and he bunted a sacrifice type of bunt.  It wasn’t a late try for a hit type of bunt.  That is just dumb.

There was a fly ball to medium deep CF where a runner on 2nd was tagging up and Hicks got himself in position but took exactly 5 steps before he threw it.  They were quick steps so it isn’t the same as 5 runner’s steps, but get rid of the ball quickly and you have a better chance of throwing a runner out.  Think about if a catcher took that long to throw; he would never throw someone out.  I used to have an issue with Ichiro and people would talk about how great his arm was, but I don’t think he was as effective as a lot of guys who get rid of the ball quickly even if the sacrifice a little accuracy and strength.  Just before I get emails from some of you, I do know the OF throw is longer than the catcher throw so you have more time in the air and a stronger throw matters more, but it is not enough to make up for the longer release time.

First place by ourselves as Boston was off!

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