Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Game 1 of 3 for the Rivalry in May

The rivalry game lived up to the hype!  My thoughts:
·         Severino pitched great again, he is working all 3 pitches really effectively and he had his best slider of the year. 

·         Sanchez once again had a bad play allowing a swinging strike to get under his glove for what they rules was a wild pitch, but he should have had it.   It made Severino work harder and that led to the 7th inning where the team felt they had to take him out because of his pitch count was at 109.  This turned into Robertson allowing Severino’s tying run to score.  Also, with Sanchez not hitting that well, we may see Romine more than just for Gray.  I am not giving up on Sanchez as he has had some very big hits, but his ability to receive and block the ball is simply bad.

·         Stanton was our offense with a line bullet HR to left on a fastball and then another to right when he took an outside fastball about 5 rows back in RF.  He also hit a laser to 3rd so it is good to see him going as others have cooled off (Austin, Judge, Didi, Hicks and Andujar)

·         That being said, Walker pinch hit a double and then came around to score the go ahead run on Judge’s bullet single to LF

·         On this single the Yankees had bases loaded with 1 out and Torres was at 2nd and he hesitated as the line drive went through the infield, but the 3rd base coach made his first blunder of the year sending him home.  Live (well on tape but at first glance watching at normal speed), I noticed Torres slow up and because the ball was hit hard I assume he would stop but they kept him running and he was dead at home on a throw that was slow and a two hopper but it was accurate.  This was a terrible decision with Didi and Stanton coming up and with 1 out.  With 2 outs it was probably a bad call…one out was awful.  I hate when people say, he was just being aggressive; that is a bad excuse.  There is a difference between being aggressive and being reckless.  Sending him with 2 outs may be aggressive; sending him with one is reckless.

·         Judge made a perfect throw from right to catch Vazquez trying to stretch a single into a double.  He sure doesn’t rush his throws but this one was caught in perfect tagging position…or as my brother calls it, “a self-tagging throw.”  Judge is a complete player

·         Up 1-0 earlier in the 2nd inning, The Yankees had 1st and 2nd with nobody out and I thought it was a great time to bunt Andjuar.  While I am not a big sacrifice guy unless one run wins a game and your batter sacrificing doesn’t have a good matchup, when you can move 2 runners over it is more advantageous to give up an out to do so.  There have been many of them and Boone has yet to sacrifice, even in these good situations. 

       Andujar made a very nice play on a tough hopper to his left with 2 outs and a runner on 2nd.  It was kind of an in-between hop but he played it perfectly and then threw the runner out!  Torres made an error, but he continues to show a very quick first step and he turns the DP pivot from 2nd to SS very well.

·         Good job by Chapman on a tough 1 run save!

·         16-1 over the last 17 is something we haven’t done since the 60’s.  We are also tied for 1st!

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