Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Genius Maker #60 Pre Playoffs

Tomorrow at dinner time we will face off against the Twins! I really didn’t care too much who we played as I cared more that the game went into extra innings and I got my wish. Twins are the hot team and actually the better all around team, but the Tigers have some starters that are scary in a short series. As long as our offense plays well we should win. Game one is pivotal because with CC on the mound against a rookie and the Twins flying in for the game; we better win game 1.

As for our rosters, similar to what I have said all along, I want specialists on this team. There will be very little pinch hitting with the exception of Molina and our CF’rs. The only other possibility would be if a really tough lefty faced Damon, but who would you bring up there if Posada is in the game? Maybe a pinch bunter? This leads me to the reason why Pena and Guzman and Marte should be on the team. I want guys who can pinch run and then possibly be used as a defensive replacement. Obviously I have not been a big supporter Hairston and don’t see a place for him over Pena, but I expect him to be on the roster before Pena.

As for Marte, you need 2 lefties in a pen and this should not even be a discussion. As he is still coming into rhythm do you realize that he has faced 25 lefties (and usually the best on the other team) and they are 3-25 against with an OPS of .494! Coke has a .584 OPS against lefties but in well over 100 AB’s. They should be used to face Mauer every game they can or need to. With Morneau out for the year, they won’t have that back to back lefty, but I still think the threat of having a lefty is very important for a few lefty pinch hitters or even Span (their leadoff hitter – who does hit lefties well though. Then again you could just walk Mauer which at times is a good strategy.

Our team is better than theirs; it is time to go prove it!

BTW, Congrats to ARod for an awesome accomplishment of 30 HR's and 100 RBI's for a record 13th straight year. That is very impressive when you figure in how many games he missed this year and the fact that ARod had to do it in the final game of the year. He actually did it in one inning when he broke another AL record getting 7 RBI’s in one inning hitting 2 HR’s.

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