Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Playoff Edition post game 4 Anaheim

by Steve Wigdor

I want to start out and bring up the ump behind home plate has been good for 3 games. Obviously the other umpires have been bad, but the ump behind home plate has been pretty solid and that makes a game much more enjoyable for me. of course a 10-1 game is very enjoyable anyway.

You knew CC was dealing when he had no issue throwing his changeup on 3-2 early in the game Also, the Yankees were all over the fastball from Kazmir even if they didn’t hit them fair at first. Once Kazmir couldn’t throw strikes with his other pitches it was just a matter of time.

Melky really got the big hit to get us going!

We may want to start thinking that bunting with 1st and 2nd and nobody out? Considering we have not scored by hitting away in the 3 or 4 times we had the situation.

How many times have we seen Cano walk and Posada get a real SB in the same game?

ARod really did it all today. Stolen base, great hitting day, great jump to score, taking the extra base and forcing a bad throw. Great game.

I would like to see more from Texiera and Swisher even though both helped a little bit.

Matsui really had a bad game.
Speaking of bad, how bad was the umpiring at 2nd base and 3rd base. The crew chief at 3rd made bad call after bad call. What was he thinking on the dumb baserunning plays by Cano and Jorge. Cano needs to be standing on the bag and Posada shouldn’t over run it, but how did the ump miss that call?

Was anyone else shocked that Scoscia left Kazmir in to start the 5th inning? After allowing 3 in the 4th no way he should have started against Texiera and ARod. After Texiera actually got a hit, Kazmir came out, but what was Mike thinking?

I think the DP induced by CC in the 6th inning when the Angels had 1st and 2nd with nobody out was huge. That ended the game as far as I was concerned.

Fantastic game by CC on 3 days rest. I still think this format is absurd, but it is to our advantage right now.

Is anyone else sick of the “ARod being in a better place” or “so and so looks relaxed?” Why does everything have to be a nice and neat explanation of how the player did so well or did poorly? I mean yeah don't you think someone will look good when they are playing well and look bad when they are not playing well? Further, the over analysis of a guy supposedly doing well or bad based on 3 games is really over the top.

Back to important things.

1 game to go and 5 to reach the big prize.

Let's wrap this up Thursday

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