Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Postseason Game #1

Game 1!

This was a game we had to have an after a tough start being down 2-0 we came right back. BTW, I don’t have an issue with posada getting crossed up but don’t pull a Molina and jog after the ball; get your butt moving!

A few things I was very happy to see:

1) Jeter had a great game and hit the first postseason HR in the new stadium.
2) ARod with 2 big 2 out hits! That is great
3) Girardi did a lot of things very well
4) Marte on roster is good
5) He pulled CC at the right time
6) He pulled Hughes at the right time (Kubel should see our lefty specialists every time we can as he crushed righties and can’t hit lefties)
7) He pulled Coke at the right time
8) Joba came in and threw 95! I would like to see 97, but it is a start (or is that the wrong term to use?)
9) I was happy Marte was put on the roster; sad that it is even a question.

I was surprised Girardi went to Rivera for the 9th He might have needed some work and Thursday is an off day, but I would rather then not see my guy. Not a big deal, just my preference though

I would have liked to see the Yanks take Guzman as another pinch runner or possible bunter because I would like to see Gardner play against righties in CF

Like I said, game 1 had to be a win for us…Time for AJ to do his job.

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