Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Genius Maker Yankee Blog - Playoff Edition pre game 2 Anaheim

The first blog I wrote was accidentally erased so I will make this brief

I was able to go to the game and I wanted to thank loyal blog reader Elliot Braun for the generosity of allowing me to go to a great game. I also want to point out that some of our readers were sprinkled throughout the game and a tip of the hat to John Fahey and Don Goomba (who I drove to the game with).

This game was all about CC. He had a great game and had excellent control, only going to 3 balls on two batters. Who needs a bridge to Mariano when you have CC? There was a new chant in the stadium, “CC..CC..CC” and he said that he really felt the emotion and got pumped up hearing his name. It was a cool chant. From what I saw in reviewing the game after coming home, he had excellent almost screwball like action on his outside pitches. Usually his change goes down more than left. Big game by CC!

I would like to see more than 4 runs considering Anaheim gave us a few with terrible defense and we had 16 guys on base. We will need to make more of our opportunities.

It was good to see Matsui get a big hit along with Damon getting a few and Melky even getting on base a few times. I had a huge issue with Texiera hitting on a 3-0 count with nobody out in the first inning with 2nd and 3rd. Lackey is struggling and you have him on the ropes; you can always swing at the 3-1 pitch if it is a strike. If for some reason you think it is a good idea to swing at the 3-0, you better be ready to crush the pitch and not swing lazy and late as Texiera popped it up. At least ARod bailed us out as did Aybar at SS for the Angels.

ARod made a mistake going through the stop sign and there is no excuse for that. At least he ran into the catcher to try and make something happen, but that was bad.

BTW, if you get into a debate with an Angel fan ask them why someone who stutters named their team. The Los Angeles Angels = THE THE ANGELS ANGELS

3 to go with 7 to go for the big prize!

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