Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Genius Maker #10

Pettitte was not that sharp, especially out of the stretch where it looked like he was rushing his mechanics a little too much and then he didn’t locate the plate very well. However, after a huge 2 out 2 RBI hit by Ramiro Pena, Pettitte settled down and did not work from the stretch for 3 straight innings and Texas seemed to give up. Andy went 8 and at the end of the day had a really good start. The Genius Maker, who had very good location and movement (a great sign) finished up for an easy save.

Swisher missed a lot of hittable pitches as I mentioned in the previous blog, but I have to take Kay to task as he got on Nick for jumping on the first pitch later in the game after he hit a line drive to center field. Yes, he is struggling but when you hit one on the screws and you are out that is a good sign, not a bad sign. Earlier in the game he was too quick on a fastball and he pulled it foul, but hit it solidly.

It is hard not to love Jeter and he is also hitting so well, but Pena is much smoother out there defensively.

Cano started expanding his strike zone last game after 2 bad calls against him and it continued today…he had a bad approach over his last 6 AB’s.

Good to see Tex hit a homer and he made a good play on a line drive and an excellent play on a dive to his right.

Once again the Yanks knocked out the opposing pitcher by wearing him down. Harden couldn’t get out of the 4th inning and had already thrown 94 pitches!

Nick Johnson did get caught looking a bunch of times, but at least he made the pitcher throw strikes. Nick’s main issue so far is that when he is swinging he has been fouling pitches off instead of hitting them fair; it will come around. Also, I don;t get fans booing him? Is that supposed to help him? Same with Javier Vazquez...why boo?

ARod was locked all day collecting 3 walks and a single on an inside fastball he pulled his hands in and lined it up the middle.

9-3 tied with TB, but the Red Sox have dug themselves a little hole and are 5 out.

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